New unique idea for poison lich

Alright, so as I was playing my proc poison lich I thought of a unique idea that would be kind of cool for the playstyle of aura of decay lich.

To begin I need to say I am not entirely sure if adding a extra unique affix on the suffix is legal for uniques. Urzils pride does it but items like exsang keep to the 4 mods formula. Seeing as I want this item to be similar to Urzils I think it is ok to follow its formula.

So here is the unique item idea:

Chest item: Heritic Armor lvl 46

First affix roll: 50-75 health
Second affix roll: Vitality 10-15
Third affix roll: Poison protection 200-300 (This could be lowered since the item itself gives poison protection)
Fourth affix roll: Enemies are inflicted with multiple stacks of poison when they hit you, but you also gain poison stacks when hit. 2 Poison stacks inflicted 1 received

Fifth affix roll (If legal): 10% increased damage over time damage per 100 points of poison protection

That’s it for the item. Tell me your thoughts or how to improve it. As you may know even with the extra affix and power the item can give it would still likely not compare to a rare, seeing as the chest slot is a very important slot. I already know it might not be viable for most builds but I thought it would make for a interesting unique that could help the aura of decay playstyle I was using.

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