New Tomb of Morditas instance being created after teleporting back

After killing the Frostroot Warden, I made a portal and teleported back to the home hub to offload some loot. When I returned back to the Tome to collect the quest item, the Frostroot Warden was alive again with full health and the loot that it had dropped was gone. Is a brand new instance of the Tomb supposed to be created every time the area is entered?

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This is how the map persistance & resetting is currently implemented… The Devs have indicated that they have changed this for the Multiplayer update so we simply have to wait until that new code is launched to resolve issues like this.

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I hope that they change it only for multiplayer. The current state is good for farming bosses in single player.

Not sure… As far as I am aware the game client code is / will only be a single version irrespective of if you are playing single player locally or multiplayer offline…

Obviously they may decide to separate this on the server side / netcode for the Multiplayer map persistence but until they release it OR confirm it ( you could ask via Discord to the devs directly if you want) I honestly dont know.

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