New to the game, have some questions

I have followed the evolution of the game from the start and have only just started to play it seriously.

I have some questions regarding the future of the game and how it will be gradually updated after its release.

  1. Is there a roadmap detailing precisely the arrival of the last classes?

  2. After the game’s release, what economic model do you foresee? Paid extensions or continuous update with supporter pack like Path of Exile?

  3. Will there be a seasons / leagues system with new mechanics?

Thanks for the attention and congratulations to the developers for the incredible work done so far. I sincerely wish you great success.

  1. Precisely? No, but we do have this:
    Early Access Development Forecast

  2. No idea but I’d assume closer to PoE than paid expansions.

  3. Yes but we don’t know whether they’ll have new mechanics or not, just that they are currently intending to have leagues/seasons/cycles, offset from PoE so you can play both.

Not precisely. They like to say ‘‘when its ready’’ :slight_smile:

As far as i know, no paid extensions. Similar mtx model like in PoE

We don’t know much about seasons, but yes we can expect seasons with different mechanics

Ok, llama was 1 sec faster, as always :smiley:

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Thx for the answers :slight_smile:

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