New to the Game and didnt understand the loot system! need help!

Hi Guys i bought this game at 29th Dec. , and played a lot because i really like it. (played a lot Diablo, Grim Dawn and a little bit auf Path of Exile). I Played now 70ti Hours, iam level 96 now.

But i really didnt find some Core Items Anymore in my loot, since iam Playing the upgraded Level 100 Timelines (Corruption 100-150) i reall didnt have any Items Like Odachi or Bone Amulets, they completley disappeared from my loot table, i found 1 Bone Amulett and 0 Odachi since iam level 80, so in the last 30ti hours of farming i get 2 Odachis from the Gambler, thats it.

So in General, is it like, if you need items with core Level 56 (like the 2Hand Sword Odachi) i have to farm the low level time Lines, Level 56, 66, etc. in Normal and just push the curruption to have a chance to get some of them? or how does it the loot table System works here? the Odachi and and the most other low LvL yellow Item stuff i need is from my leveling process and i found them between lvl 50ti and 70ti.

The Build i try to play: Forge Guard, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.8.3e) - Last Epoch Build Planner

I Also have to problem to get Stout idols, with % Health + Flat health, again in the 100 Time line Levels i only get the big Idols i dont need. (Also the Lootfilter for Idols doesnt work, for all other items it does but not on Idols, i tryed all… ass example Stout Idol - Affix Healt or % Health, but he didnt hover them at all, i tryed all settings i found for idols)

Any tipps for me on this? iam Frustrated since only get those items from the gambler… and unable to farm them.

Welcome to the LE Community!

So you have 2 major issues:

  1. Finding Particular Bases (Like Odachi and Bone Amulet)
  2. Finding Idols with the exact stats you want?

The first one could be a potential issue with your loot filter or just bad luck.
The second one is not that uncommon.

No. 1:

No, quite the contray, you would want to farm higher lvl timelines, so the super low level bases types drop less frequent (all the other swords that are even lower than Odachi).
Most Endgame Base Types are within lvl 60-80 and are totally fine to farm in lvl 90-100 areas.

You are saying you found very few Odachi’s this could be just bad luck or some issue with your loot filter.
Double Check your Loot Filter, if you don’t have a Hide Rule, that could hide some Odachi’s.
If you have trouble finding issues with your Loot Filter, feel free to share your loot filter here.

No. 2:
Finding Idols with 2 desired affixes is endgame chase.
This is nothing you will have without a couple of dozens hours of playing.
You should prioritize one of each desired stats and focus on it, or try finding a couple of prefies and suffixes that can apepar together on one idol type, so your loot filter doesn’t need to be too strict.

In most cases a good %health roll will be more important, than the Flat Health roll, so if you have a couple of close-to perfect rolled %health idols with a useless suffix, that would be very good already

Idols don’t use the same affixes as gear.
In the Loot Filter Affix window, at the very bottom Idols have their own affixes

You want these two affixes

Additional Tip:
You want to seperate Gear and Idol Loot Filter rules anyway, because Idols also don’t have affix tiers.
So when you want to make your filter more strict with affix tiers, the idols would never meet those requirements.

Just create a seperate rule just for idols and then you can ignore affix tiers entirely.

Wow, thank you very much for your fast und great Answer and explenations. I checked my Lootfilter, for Odachi and Bone Amulets, and droped some creepy version from my Chest to check if its working, it works fine, so i had bad luck the last 2 days.

Yeah and for the Idols, my Lootfilter really was setup for the wrong stats. Thank you for the screenshoots, i found now the right Affixes selection :slight_smile: and it works.

Now i can farm and grind :-).

Thank you for your Help and cant wait for the multiplayer :-).

Have a nice Day! and happy Farming!

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Check your filter setup, remember rules on top override rules below. You may have

  • put your any idol filter above your specific idol filter. This means every idol shows up and looks the same

  • put a show filter for a specific idol(instead of recolor), but didn’t have a filter lower in the list to hide any idol that you aren’t looking for. This would mean that every idol shows up and looks the same

  • Been too specific about idols you are looking for (as in only stout idols with 1 of 2 health affixes instead of any idol with 1 of 2 health affixes) remember that idol types only matter when you need specific dimentions to your idol, in other words late game. if you made this mistake it may be dropping, but you just never see it

Searching for specific bases on top of specific affixes will extend the time to find an item. Also higher level items are more common in higher level zones, that may have something to do with a level 56 item not dropping in level 80 zones. If you are desperate for a specific base put that base at the top of your loot filter)

If you want to do this I suggest instead of making a rule for each slot in your inventory, instead make one rule listing every affix you may want(except idol affixes, put that in a separate rule), and put hide affixes(to hide item bases you don’t want) above it. I find that this approach means that you find semi-decent items more often(also less time wasted in loot filter).

Only if you want perfect items should you make rules for each slot individually.

Also remember, idols have only ONE tier, which is why you use a separate rule for idols than other affixes.

Hey, I am actually doing the same build you are. What loot filter are you using now? I am using heavys 0.8.1 sentinel loot filter, but need a new one for this build, did you make your own filter?

You should just use Heavy’z updated loot filter (he’s been updating them with each patch) if you’re content with the one you have.

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