New to low life lich. How do you maintain enough life not to auto-die

Good day to you all.

As mentioned, I am new to a low life lich. I have been wanting to play one and figured now was a good chance to try one.

I am going by Boardman’s 1-75 levelling lich until I get high enough that I get used to playing it. The Reaper skill doesn’t kill me of course (since when it ends you get all of your health back), it’s that blasted Aura of Decay that I just got a few levels ago. In addition to that, and yes I know the boardman is not a low health build guide but that is what I am shooting for in the long run, I know that in the past some armors were used to maintain a low level of health although I don’t know anything more than that. I did however just find the Shroud of Obscurity which looks like it might do the job to get me to low life. All in all the question remains the same: how do I maintain health? Do I just need a TON of health regen on items to balance it out? The shroud for instance takes 20% of my health away at a clip, how would I offset 20% damage to self but keep myself below the 35% threshold that is considered low life? I could greatly use some advice. Thanks in advance.

The 3 uniques that convert hp into ward remove a % of current health not max health so they can’t ever kill you, it will balance out where the hp loss is the same as your hp regen. For them to work effectively you want to minimise your hp regen and get as much hp as possible.

You don’t want to use Aura of Decay as that applies poison stacks to you which can kill you.

Thank you immensely Llama. It’s good to see you again. It’s been a while since I have played. I have been having to go through pain management and physical therapy for while so I was out of the loop. Good to be among friends again lol.


Were you getting oneshot or poisoned to death? genuinely curious.
Ive been thinking about making a low life character, but I dont wanna use the necro at all.
Wonder what classes arent low life viable.

I use my Lich’s massive life leech to stay in Reaper form (though I am under Death Seal so never get above 35% anyway). But to not die, you need massive Ward. Personally I do not think there’s any point in a low Life Lich unless you have Ward that is at least double your max HP.