New to Last Epoch

Good morning all,

Just started playing this game 2 days ago and really enjoying it. I am a long time Path of Exile player. Playing through the campaign multiple times in PoE where I don’t enjoy the story has gotten kind of old so I wanted to try a new game. The story of Last Epoch really pulled me in right away unlike many other games, including Path of Exile. Last Epoch reminds me of a game I used to play when I was a kid “Chrono Trigger”, where the story was pretty bleak and I had to change it with time travel, very interesting concept.

I probably have 2000 hours into PoE and played only Hardcore SSF exclusively. I am doing the same thing here but finding the difficulty much easier than PoE when I first started, but that could simply be due to my experience with the unforgiving nature of PoE. I also played Diablo 3 hardcore but that game was quite easy in difficulty compared to PoE.

This is my first time through the game and I rolled Hardcore Solo, I got to Act 8 boss ( Lagon ) and got my rear end promptly handed to me. The other bosses were not super difficult and the mechanics weren’t too hard (probably a good thing to get me used to the game). Lagon was on a completely different level and the mechanics were challenging, especially since it was my first really challenging boss fight and first time through the campaign.

With that said does anyone else play HC Solo that know of any guides that might be informative that could help? I have been doing searches, but since this game is not as well known yet, information that I need can be hard to find. Mostly I am just testing things myself at this point. I really enjoy this game and may end up focusing on it more now instead of PoE.


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