New t6-7 affixes feedback

With the new recent update I have now been getting new “purple items” which contain a t6-7 affixes; they can only be acquired by finding them on the ground. I personally don’t understand the appeal to them realistically or mechanically in the current state of the game.

When one drops I want to be excited but you quickly learn that majority of them are going to be trash items. These new drops don’t feel rewarding because of the layers of RNG you have to crawl through to get something that is remotely usable (for mid/endgame). You have to roll the dice first to get the drop in the first place, roll again to get an affix you need, than roll again for the stats you need, good base, and also pray to get high tiers (so you can craft up the normal mods). To get a t6-7 mod to drop on a good base with good stats for you to crafted to be usable is realistically going to be stupid amount of time. There is a nice threshold where something you get in ARPGs actually feels rewarding for the time spent, with how luck driven these new rewards are, I feel like it is really reducing how special these items feel; it’s just pure RNG.

For gear to be usable with drops for endgame the gear has to already drop with at LEAST t3+ so you can craft over these mods and pray to get t5s on the base you need. This is pretty RNG already with the crafting system we have. Now I feel like with these new purple drops it introduces another layer of randomness and what feels like fluff rewards. These purple drops don’t feel as exciting as the developers made them out to be in my opinion because players forget majority of them are going to be vendor food.

This game is still in beta so maybe in the future there would be more crafting options where these purple affixes could be stripped off gear or imprinted onto another item with special rare currency but right now I find t6-t7 to be a lame concept with limited flexibility mechanically in trying to find them into specific build.

Right now if these new affixes are supposed to be fresh, rewarding and exciting I don’t get that vibe. I hope in the future there is more options for t6-t7 affixes more than get randomly getting the perfectly rolled piece of gear on the ground or vendoring it. Adding crafting options even if its rare currency (even if its like a rare boss reward crafting currency) to upgrade your gear using these new affixes in the future would make finding purple gear way more rewarding.


Thank you for this feedback.

I haven’t played the latest patch myself but when the devs first did the blog post on these items, I kinda suspected 99% of T6/7 gears will feel like trash based on the reasons you laid out.

I don’t agree, those new exalted items are the number one reason i played ALOT more since 0.7.9. Even more of a reason than the new MoF.

Do alot of them are crap? Yes.
Do you always feel excited when one drops? No (Mostly due to the base already being low/bad)
Do they have the greatest potential? Yes.
Do I feel excited when a good base drops as exalted? Yes i get excited and wanna check out the exalted affix.

Sometimes even the good bases drop with bad affix combinations.
But after several dozens of hours already within the nex patch i never felt that excited to keep on playing.

Would be a shame when ALL of them would be usefull and good. That makes finding actual good ones even more exciting.

I already found several ones that were not for my actual build but i wanted to start a new character based on that one single item.

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I am talking about end game where you actually need good gear to wear it. I don’t want them to be “all useful”; I am simply pointing out how endgame works. If you aren’t wearing t4+ at least you will be having a bad time. That means gear for end game is really niche and with these new affixes it adds more RNG and less flexibility. If the game is going to also be balanced around t7 gear it would mean players need to be able to get lucky a lot and be geared at some point.

Right now these affixes if you want them to actually be usable on your gear, they actually have to roll almost perfectly or you vendor it; hence lack of dopamine hits for me when these new mods actually drop. That is the main issue I have with them, there is no other option open for them. You either vendor it or you use it.

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I was also refering to endgame, but i think you are having some misconception.

The game is not balanced around having multiple, not even a single T6 or T7 affix.

The devs very clearly stated that when introducing them.

Those exalted items are not supposed to fully replace magic/rare items.
If you have 1 or 2 that fit your build, that’s awesomee, but not mandatory.

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It will depend on how the game is balanced. They said they want them to be a luxury and a long term goal. If they achieve that I have no problem with most of them being bad.
They can still improve the loot system a little , maybe make low level bases drop less frequently on higher level areas , or make some useful combinations drop together more frequently, but so far I like the idea of a long loot hunt.
I want my build to be functional, but I also want to take time to feel its good , and never feel like its completed , if not there is not much point on keep playing.

Yep, as i said in my reply to @KissingAiur the devs clearly stated they don’t expect you to have any of those, not even speak of having multiple.

Agreed, that together with the introduction of loot filter will most likely make the whole “looting experience” alot better and statisfying.

I already stated at several places that i would like to have the low/mid level bases drop less frequntly. I understand them being still be able to drop in lvl 90 + zones, to balance the loot as a whole. But it makes the looting a lot more tedious and sometimes you don’t even bother looking at all items.

100% agreed. That’s how i feel. If there is something yo ucan trhive for, you keep on playing, at least for me and you C=

So you weren’t taken aback by a development team stating that gear affixes aren’t going to be a balance issue in the future? I find that hard to believe when this game is all about gearing and stat stacking. Just think about it, hyping new reward tiers on gear, making it even a new purple item color to distinguish the power difference between them from other affixes while also in the same breath saying that they aren’t a balance issue because they have no power? They either have power or they don’t or they are just fluff rewards.

As I stated before don’t get excited when any of the new affixes drop; and I think as a design point of view that isn’t supposed to be the case. Majority of them are always 99% of them are almost always trash. ARPGs end game is always going to be balanced around min/maxing; this system just makes it more cancer. There is a reason why games PoE for example didn’t implement these type of changes to their looting system; communities always back and forth making drops the best affix rewards in the game. It’s a slippery slope.


I have to agree with most of your post - somehow, items don’t feel exciting when they drop.

I’m still getting level 0 items with 4 useless affixes at level 100 with 250+ increased quality.

Most games remove the lower level items from the drop pool as you advance, but I think because of the range of levels on unique items and sets in LE, the low level items remain in the pool so you still have a chance of dropping said unique/set at level 100.

For me though, I feel there are far too many prefixes and suffixes to pick from.

And if I’m playing my Mage, I really would prefer not to be dropping class-specific items for other classes. If I want Primalist gear, I’ll play my Primalist. This goes doubly so for class-specific Idols.

I fully understand RNG and devs not wanting players to get perfect gear too quickly - hence their decision to lower the values of some tier 5’s (melee attack speed now 15 at t5, was 20 before) and make them only droppable - so if you want 20 attack speed on gloves, the only way to get them is for it to drop.

I like this idea - It makes hunting for items more relevant.

I am not a fan of gambling or crafting as a fundamental mechanism of a game - they should be quirky additions to item grinding. Gambling for Uniques is ok. Crafting an item for progress is fine.

But when gambling takes over from drops, or the only way to acquire gear is to force people into a crafting strategy that, for me, causes more anxiety than dying on boss fights - then I think it needs looking at.

I’m sure 80-90% of players would rather have the excitement of FINDING a good item than any other method.

And this is what LE seems to be driving toward - which is a great thing.

I’m thoroughly enjoying LE - despite it’s niggles and annoyances … we are, after all, only in beta.

But please, devs, stop making me feel like I’m a seagull hovering over landfill searching for a juicy piece of fish and then finding out it’s only another piece of plastic that my stomach is already full of.


You can measure a builds power from a gear perspective from all of the affixes. And when devs saying they don’t expect any1 to have T6 or T7 affixes i belive they will not state such statement without having thought about that.

They do have power, loads of potential power. And when having one that really amplifies your build you might have still deficit’s on your other gear. And such a powerful item can either balance out some of your other deficit’s or just be a straight power boost, which might give you the little edge you needed to defeat the next MoF boss or what ever.

I think PoE is a pretty bad example, because they have a very very similar system, just with more affixes per item. In fact 99% of all items in PoE are trash too, but because of the excellent loot filter option you are not even noticing it.

LE’ system with the relatively few affix per item(just 4 at max) makes each item count a little bit more. When there is one bad affix on an item in LE that much “worse” than in PoE. Most of PoE’s early-mid endgame items do have 1-2 affixes that are useless.

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I agree. I don’t know what it is about these two affixes but the excitement of them and what they are supposed to mean, its really low. I don’t really know how to fix this other than like I mentioned before the developers offer another option for them such as crafting.

These new affixes, there isn’t anything you can do with them past keeping the ones which might be useful and tossing the rest. That is why I suggest a rare crafting mat in the future where you can maybe upgrade a t5 mod on your gear to a t6 if you have the same mod for a low chance of success. At least you can do something with these mods instead of just crafting on item they are on to fix them to be usable. They feel so limited, that is what makes me feel so bad when I get it.

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I would disagree PoE is a bad example because this discussion about having powerful affix limited to drops for rares to be bis is a discussion that has been ongoing for years.

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At the end it will all come down to the balancing. If you can perfectly make any build viable with just T5 max it really doesn’t matter for me.

Those exalted items are just the “cherry on top” if you will. I personally do like the current system.

And keep in mind the item rarity system is not yet fully completed. We still have to see how legendaries fit into the big picture. But that might be a discussion for another topic anyway.

All i want to say is that i do find alot of enjoyment in the current system. When Loot Filter will be introduced things automatically will get a lot less tedious and annoying for all players anyway.

There is no type of smart loot. You can have a lvl 60 item with 20 adaptive spell damage with a t7 stun avoidance.

Devs made clear t7 are not in anyway chase items. But when the loot system gets an overhaul (which I hope at some time will happen) the exalted items will be much more rewarding.

If they said that then they don’t understand the player’s desire for loot progression. They added t6/7 affixes as drop-only to get around the best gear always being crafted (or potentially 1 or 2 uniques). 99% of them are always going to be trash because 99% of all gear drops are trash, that’s how you know the 1% (of items) is good.

As many have said, if they removed the lower tier bases from the drop pool as you level, that would be a massive improvement to the feel of (rare) loot dropping. No longer would you find that wand with 3 useful affixes that you can craft further only to realise it’s a Burning Branch.

IMO bases should only drop if they are the top 2 tiers of each base that can drop based on the area level. So if a one-handed weapon dropped at lvl 45, it could be a katana/hooked blade if it were a sword, bronze or battle axe if it were an axe, morning star or iron mace if it were a blunt, etc. So you could still get a relatively low level base (iron mace is lvl 25) depending on the staggered level requirements for the bases, but no broad swords or falchions with 3xt5 and 1xt7 affixes dropping…


I maybe said it wrong it was more in the line of not expecting them at any point of the game.

I find it hard to judge loot because of no loot filter. There is no way of knowing what percentage of loot drop is actually useable without checking every drop. Most people that want good bases just ignore all and gamble.

Personally I don’t check any loot but purples and gamble only for a few minutes because it is just tedious. I for sure got some decent purples but nothing great.

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I agree, I got 1 decent purple out of 10-15, but crafting it well and truly broke it. :frowning:

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The percentage chance of an item type dropping, regardless of it’s stats, would be an interesting set of numbers.

At the end of mono 55 I took “Increased chance to find grand idols 37%”

I have not seen any noticeable difference in idol drops since the patch.

I have no idea if that 37% tilts in favour of Grand Idols when an idol is dropped/rolled, or it increase the chance for a Grand Idol to drop from 0.01% to 0.0137% (or whatever).

Agree 100%


The new t6 and t7 affixes seem to have been implemented to do (at least) 2 things …

  1. Reduce the upper limit of t5 and move that upper limit to t6 and t7 drops e.g., Melee Attack Speed on gloves max t5 is now 15, t6 is 16-18 and t7 is 19-20 (I think). This applies to other stats as well, but I’ve not seen enough drops to go further on this.

  2. Create new upper limits for some stats e.g., I have a ring with t6 Critical Strike Avoidance that has a range of 38-44%. I am expecting t7 to have 45-50% but not dropped one yet to view it. The “old” max of 37% for t5 still exists as a max for t5 (and still craftable). This means that 100% CSA is now achievable on 2 max t7 rolls of 50% instead of requiring 3 max/near max rolls or using Idols.