New Supporter Packs

Hey guys, not trying to rush at all :), but any estimated idea on when are going to be available the new supporter packs? Thanks!

I saw them for a second on the website before it crashed. The funny thing is the Turtle packs were still listed.

The new supporter packs are available here.

We’re keeping the old series available temporarily due to the technical issues earlier.

Should we buy from Steam or from your site?

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For some reason on that link i can only see the old series at the moment, but i guess is just a matter of time to be able to see the new ones.

i got one of the newer ones about half an hour ago …

Did you buy from Steam, or site?

Site here

Weird, on the link up there (official one) i can only still see the old ones,t the ones that have the turtles; did u do something special MafkTrab?

Steam is 29.99 EUR, slightly cheaper than 35USD here, but I guess that from here devs get more money?

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…only maybe a browser restart and re-log into the site, as i had site errors earlier… bot also only saw the turtle packs before…

I’m seeing both too. Didn’t do anything special, just followed the above link.

Still cant see them from Chrome, but opened Microsoft Edge and i can see all them there so going to buy from there, and back to Chrome haha. Thanks everyone for the replies!

Well, there’s your problem, you’re using Chrome :stuck_out_tongue:

Just kidding, maybe clearing cache will help?

Cleaning cache actually helped, i can also see the new supporter packs in Chrome now :smiley: Thanks man :wink:

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Glad to have helped. Have fun!

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