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New Support, Old Gamer

As the title says, I’m very excited to see this game steadily chugging along. Had to give my support to the devs for making this amazing game.
I’ve been gaming for well over 25+ years. Mostly Arpg’s or tabletop. Having spent 1000+ hours in Grim Dawn and more in Diablo series. I’m stoked to have a new dawning chapter in my life with Last Epoch.
Thanks for having me here.


Hello! Welcome!

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Welcome hope you enjoy the soon to be released beta!


Thanks for joining us. :slight_smile:

Welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

I m playing ARPGs since 1997 Diablo 1.
Played thousand of hours D2, Titan Quest and D3.

Also tried PoE but i dont like the Atmosphere, Graphics and playing Style. Also tested MU Legend, Grim Dawn and more but for some reason always D3 calls me back…

I think this changes now. Last Epoch have done a lot right and I enjoyed the last days playing Alpha.
Cant wait for Beta and i m glad it comes next week :grin::+1:

Hello and welcome! For me its like 30+ years playing games :slight_smile:

Hope you can enjoy this game. I hope the same for me as others arpgs mentioned above (one in particular) as far as I am concerned, has really lost its way.

Yo Yo and welcome!

I am another one of those older guys from the atari generation! Super happy to see there is more of us in this game!

Hey there Rekkor. welcome :raising_hand_man:

My wife and I just bought into the Beta, we are also old farts. Actually I am an old fart, she has been 23 for some years now, not old, nope, not at all. :wink:

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Well, I’m loving the fact we seem to have some folks here of my vintage! Yes, I had the Atari 2600 to start…This post I think pushed me over the edge! We have guilds yet in game??? If not, are they planned? Seems like we got a core group here!

The retro squad? Lol

Relics of Honor…We qualify!

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The Grumpy Hips & Knees surely?

amen to THAT!

Amen to this

Yeah you are getting old … I been 23 for last 32 years or something :kissing_heart:

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