New skill suggestion: swimming

So close, and yet so far!

I want to learn how to swim!!! :cry:


Or Telekinesis. Although with LE having instanced loot, it’s not as fun to snipe gear as it was in D2 :grin:

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I want to cast Mage Hand so bad!
Sadly, neither Gale nor Lae’zel are in my party right now…

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There’s one in the Burning Pier as well. I lament it every time I go past it because I know my L4 Bleeding Heart is tucked inside. :crazy_face:

True. And one in Titan’s Canyon.

Speaking of Burning Pier, did they remove the quest to save the people, or did I somehow miss it?

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It got changed in 0.9.2. It’s now a quick hunt quest.


Oh, I knew I was missing something in that part :sweat_smile:

remembered your post, this guy with 80h just got one and Im here 1k hours still trying to find my dream 4LP bleeding heart :melting_face:

Ahhh back in the day when this was a fairly sizable ambush (DPS test) then it would form a pier across to it if you survived, die it stays separated.

NICE!!! He obviously raided those chests we can’t get to. :wink: