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New Skill suggestion for Shaman: Avatar Of Thunder

So since i am playing and enjoying a Lightning Focused Shaman utilizing Tempest Strike and Storm Crows i wanted to give a suggestions for a new skill. Especially since Shaman does only have one exclusive active skill upon mastery selection, but not otehr once that unlock through the passive tree.

My suggestion:

Avatar Of Thunder

You become imbued by lightning for X seconds, dealing increased lightning damage and raining down lightning around you. You also empower nearby allies with a portion of the lightning damage
Tags: Spell, Lightning, Attunement, Vitality
Attribute Scaling:
Attunement: All spells caused by this ability deal 4% increased damage per point
Viality: 4% increased health regeneration while Avatar Of Thunder is active

:warning: Note: Skill should last a few seconds (5-10 seconds) and should have a reasonable downtime baseline, so it’s actual a real decision, when to active it.

Possible Major Nodes:

  • Tempest Conductor: Avatar Of Thunder nolonger grants you increased lightning damage, but increased lightning damage granted to allies by Avatar Of Thunder is doubled
  • Dual Storm: Activating Avatar Of Thunder summons a Storm Totem, which levitates and follows the player for the entirety of Avatar Of Thunder
  • Hailstorm: Avatar Of Thunder also summons Avalanche Bolders every X seconds
  • Everlasting Avatar: Avatar Of Thunder no logner has a duration, but disables mana regeneration effects and drains increasing mana/sec
  • Furious Avatar: Hitting an enemy with Tempest Strike while Avatar Of Thunder is active extends it’s duration by 1 second, can only occur once every 2 seconds

Possible Small Nodes:

  • Increases the lightning damage bonus for you and allies
  • Increases movementspeed while Avatar Of Thunder is active
  • All spells triggered by Avatar Of Thunder deal more damage, but Avatar Of Thunder has less duration
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I like the idea! I also like your node ideas, but I have a few remarks:

  1. I feel like (nearly) all abilities start as useful in terms of damage they deal themselves, and can then be specialised into more damage, or, through nodes that are far away from the center, assume a more support-like role. So in the ideal world where this is added following your ideas, I think so more damage-oriented nodes (like increased lightning strike frequency, increased AoE, stuff liek that) would fit right in.

  2. The Primalist, more particularly the Shaman, revolves around Lightning, Cold, and Physical together, so I would like to see some “hybridisation” nodes that turn Avatar of Thunder into a hybrid skill, similar to the node of Storm Totem that gives it a cold DoT aura, for instance. Your Hailstorm (continuous Avalanche Boulders) does that great, for instance, but maybe there could be more - like turning the lightning damage increase into cold/physical ? Or making it also apply to cold/physical, but halve its effect (so instead of 100% lightning, you get 50% lightning - 50% cold/phys, basically)? Stuff like that.

Cool idea! ^^

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No. 1

I felt like things improving on the already existing functionality are not really mention worthy.

Stuff like increases lightning frequency, lightnigns dealing more damage, more/less area in trade of for less/more dmg etc.

No. 2

Of course, i personally am not a great fan of the physical component of Shaman, but you could probably also work in some earthquake aftershocks for some physical synergy.

This for example i don’t like.

I would rather have another skill focusing on the physical aspect.

If every skill can be converted/change to all elements they lose alot of their flaire IMO.

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Just another note from me.

This could be achieved by starting the cooldown, after the skill ends.

This way any modifiers to duration or reduced cooldown could be made way higher without making it a 100% uptime skill.

Thanks for @Llama8 for the idea via chat

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I disagree, I think a skill can be converted to one other element without losing its identity. After thinking about it, I do agree that a 50/50 buff between two elements might not be “cool” from a skill identity point of view, but converting a skill to one other element always goes with 1) the name of the node which explains what the conversion “does” (e.g. for cold Storm Crows, “Frigid Wings” gives the cold crows an identity), and 2) at least one node behind that that affect the converted skill specifically, giving it more identity.

As for the cooldown thing (I have yet to figure out how to quote messages, haha), I completely agree. It would make cooldown recovery speed interesting, but not overly impactful.

Just Mark any text of any post you want to quote and there should pop up a little quote button.
If you press that, the marked text will get quote at your current open replies location or a new reply will be opened if none is currently open.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like conversion. But not every skill should be able to convert into any damage type available by the class.
I just really like if some skills are very specific.

When I proposed this idea I thought about potential synergies with cold builds and so I came up with the Avalanche and Storm Totem Node.

Cold/Physical could receive another skill that doesn’t have much lightning support.

Just judging from the amou t of available skill shaman would at least need 2 more exclusive skills anyway.

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