New Skill Specific Affix Ideas (Idols + Gear)

Some people and me were talking about skill specific affixes lately and how some skills miss them totally. So i want to bring in some ideas and suggestions for potential affixes.
Some for totally new skills and for skills that possibly already have affixes, but that i just think are worth mentioning.

IMO Idols should be more skill defining/changing and affixes for Body + Helmet should be more of a “supportive” nature.


  • “Spirit Plague” increased spread range
  • “Infernal Shade” 100% of Damage converted to Necrotic (maybe even change ignite to Damned)
  • “Marrow Shard” Part of consumed health (from spell cost) gets added as extra dmg
  • “Bone Curse” get a % of weapon base damage(implicit) as extra damage (similar to adaptive spell damage)

Gear Affixes:

  • “Death Seal” Duration
  • “Reaper Form” less health drain
  • “Harvest” chance to shred necrotic resistance


  • “Erasing Strike” Chance to create a Void Rift on hit (the void rift benefits from Erasing Strikes skill tree)
  • “Warpath” Hit Damage converted to Void (if 100% convert is to powerfull, maybe give it like 50% or 33%, so you need to take multiple Idols to get 100% conversion)
  • “Anomaly” more Area (multiplicative with the increased area from it’s skill tree)
  • “Shiled Bash” +1 Charge (would work with “Fussilade” Node, for extra damage)
  • “Judgement” Greatly increased Mana Efficiency in return for additional (current?/max?) Health Cost
  • “Smelter Wrath” reduced charging speed (takes longer to channel fully), but greatly increased dmg (Great combination with “Tempering Blows” Node)

Gear Affixes:

  • “Erasing Strike” increased Echo Chance (currently 40% Echo Chance is the maximun, giving Erasing Strike like up to ~5-7% additional Echo Chance for T5 Sounds reasonable for me)
  • “Rive” reduced attack speed, but more Void Damage (great combination with “Gaze Into The Abyss” Node)


  • “Disintegrate” allows the use of “Teleport” while channeling, without interupting the channel, at the cost of Teleport having massive Mana Cost if doing so (this is probably the mechanically most challenging affix i have ever thought of and it’s probably more of a “unique” affix thing, sorry xD)
  • “Black Hole” 100% damage converted to Lightning (Even when taking “Red Giant” and “Binary System” Node, possibly even convert ignite to shock)
  • “Arcane Ascendance” no longer rooted in place, moving cost % max mana/distance(or % max mana/sec)
  • “Meteor” 100% damage converted to lightning (sorry Mox, you are allowed to fire me [joke from CT xD], because i want to touch your BEAUtiful Meteor :imp:)

Gear Affixes:

  • “Disintergrate” increased Mana Efficiency for all spells, except “Disintegrate”, while channeling “Disintegrate” (not sure if that’s technically possible, if not just Global Mana Efficiency)
  • “Lightning Blast” increased Hit Damage per times chained (to counter “Frontloaded” Node); increased chain amount (like 0-2 more chains, T1-2 gives 0 extra chains, T3-6 gives +1 Chain and T7 gives +2 Chains)
  • “Mana Strike” returns % max mana on hit (to make it a viable option for Sorcerer, risk=reward)


  • “Summon Scorpion” + “Summon Bear” increased Size + generate more aggro (similar to “Tower Of Bones” Node from Acolyte’s Bone Golem)
  • “Tempest Strike” attack speed (really making it hit faster, not granting crit chance through the special interaction the skill has)
  • “Summon Frenzy Totem” grants affected allies %poison chance on hit
  • “Flanking Strike” gives your companion Frenzy and increased damage for a few seconds, if you only have one active companion (I know we don’t have a clue about it’s skill tree yet, but i really like the skills fantasy and i hope that it will get a skill tree soon, but i am just to excited for the skill, so i am doing a suggested non the less)

Gear Affixes:

  • “Tempest Strike” increased trigger chance for all 3 spell (like in the realm of 1-5%)
  • All Companion Skills: increased damage for you and your companion if you and at least one of your companions hit the same target within 1 second (to support a playstyle to go into battle with out companions)

I probably will have about 1000 more ideas the coming days and will most likely post more in future posts here in this thread.

What affixes do you guys want to see?


I am not the creative and theory crafting sort to come up with affix suggestions. But I ABSOLUTELY love the affix ideas you’re throwing out here. I definitely think these are the kind of affixes we need to see to make itemisation more interesting in LE.

Re quote below:

You didnt quite mentioned why you think so. But I tend to agree. My reasoning is that while the LE crafting system gives alot of control, they kinda dull the excitment with loot drops. IMO, a loot drop is especially exciting when they are build enabling. and this seems best incorporated through uniques and idols where you cannot trivalise the affix acquisition (on your gears) through crafting.

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You could probably do global mana efficiency but Disintegrate has an increased channelling cost.

Devouring Orb is instant cast but has x% reduced damage & duration.

Sigil of Hope has -x reduced mana cost (flat, not mana efficiency).

When a Sigil of Hope is consumed an additional Sigil is automatically summoned (with mana cost).

Smite cast by Judgement’s Righteous Decree node are cast after 0.1s between Smites (instead of all at once, this would allow them to be cast on a single target).

Holy Aura’s effects are inverted & instead of buffing you they debuff the enemy.

Block effectiveness is converted to dodge.

Dodge is converted to block effectiveness.


Yeah, that’s a functional more easy solution. Great Idea.

That is one hell of a good idea!

  • Chance to cast Static Orb (that orbits around the character) when you cast a lightning spell

  • Snap Freeze on Melee Cold Crit (Each Melee Cold Crit recently reduces the Cooldown of Snap Freeze for 0.5 seconds)

  • Shield Throw deals x% more dmg for each remaining Ricochet

  • Chance to gain Haste for 3 seconds on kill while channeling with Warpath

  • Cast x (1-3) Twisters (smaller Tornados; 33% of base dmg from Tornado) when you crit with stationary Tornados (Buffs Single Target because of stationary Tornados and perma hits while still proccing small Twisters for Map clear)

  • Chance to cast Earthquake when you use Fury Leap ( I just really like the D3 Earthquake set :wink: )

  • Gain x% global Frostbite effect for each stack of Maelstrom active

  • Summon Storm Totem gain x% more dmg for each active Totem

  • Skeleton Archers have x% chance on attack to Rapid Fire (similar to Barrage skill from PoE)

  • x% Additional Poison Chance for each Rogue Skeleton active

  • Chance to gain Craterborn (Meteor effect) when you ignite an enemy with Fireball

  • Chance to summon fully equipped Manifest Armour (+Shield & Mace)

  • Chance to blind enemies for 2 seconds when you cast Teleport

I already love this thread and reading through all the ideas :smiley: Thx @Heavy for bringing it up.


Good topic.

Plenty of your ideas seems more like node than class specific affix on my eye.
But plenty are very good way to modify skill in a complemtary way. So it’s good ideas.
I will be more on effect/cast on hit/crit/dodge/block/… so your defense serve as offense too.

I love other mecanism like damage to mana for mage. I will propose on dodge effect (like ward, more damage or cast fire aure/lightening aegis) for spellblade. That would allow to make a dext spellblade more easily :wink:

A good one, could be an explosion/cast when you reach a certain number of ward, and that will of course consume some of them.

Very interesting thread.
i will have to make my brain fume.

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Are there any idol effects that aren’t like that?

What about effects when you fail to dodge (with at least x dodge) or block (either with a shield equipped or with x% block chance)? Like, say, x% chance to cast Sigil of Hope (for free) if you don’t block (has a y second cooldown) with at least z% chance to block.

Your chance to summon a Forged Weapon with Forge strike is increased by your block chance if you have failed to block in the last x seconds.

Summon Bear is converted to Summon VOID-BEAR with frickin (void) lay-zor beams on it’s back.

Manifest Armour is converted to void and gains a turret that fires the Voidfused Earth’s mortar thing.

Yeah, thanks @Heavy for bringing this up. Nobody else would have had the foresight to have thought of this all by themselves!

I have a few idols/affix I think would be cool and could change up a few playstyles. Obviously these would be on very rare side of things or even considered unique for couple of them. So please be open minded everything can be adjusted.


  • Vale blast on Spriggan Form hits up to 1-3 extra target within 5m range of the 1st target hit
  • Swipe has a % chance to double cast
  • Fury Leap has a % chance to not go on CD
  • Storm totem has a chance to stack x number of ignites
  • Tornado becomes instant cast seeks out targets on its own and hits
  • Bear companion can heal for x amount of damage retaliated


  • Meteor Instead of coming out of the sky instead comes from your hand forward like a rolling rock
  • Fireball can now nova around the character while being casted
  • Blackhole reset cooldown when hitting an enemy % chance
  • Flame Reave, when it returns to you have a % chance to automatically be send out again with a smaller AoE
  • Shatter strike. Projectiles pierce and cast lighting between them after hitting enemies
  • Mana strike can ricochet between targets when using range node


  • Harvest gains a 2nd scythe increasing the AoE and attack speed
  • Hungering souls seeks out nearby allies and granting them frenzy or haste
  • Transplant leaves a bloody body behind that can taunt for 3 seconds before detonating
  • Abomination when casting at the end of the cast will keep eating minion to sustain itself for X amount of time
  • Infernal shade can be placed on yourself permanently for % of the minions buffs applied to yourself
  • When bone golem dies it will use its own bones to place bone armour on the acolyte for X amount of time

Sorry for only getting 3 of the classes For Sentinel I really can’t think of what I would add to it at this moment. If I come up with more I will update the thread!

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Main reason for me is, that the idols affix are the most build defining affixes, besides uniques.
And having potetnial build defining or build enableing uniques on gear affix could lead to some frustration, since upgrading such particular piece might be very hard and annoying if you find better base items and they either don’t have the affix or you don’t have affix shards of that affix for crafting.

I would much rather have very rare idols, because replacing/upgrading an idol is much more straight forward.

Gear and affixes should have evenly power distribution. I mean deciding between two different items, one being a potential upgrade should not solely depend on such strong build defining affixes. If you understand what i mean. (Of course there are stronger or more rare affixes and for some builds certain affixes outweight others, but i hope you know where i am coming from)

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So many ideas! This is great.


Would be cool if manifest armor in addiction could echo (Like the vk passive). Not sure if the dev want that ability to fall so deep into the void tho :P.

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Really hope, we all could already give you some food for thought.

I assume you are very busy with 0.8 anyway, but really looking forward to possibly see some ideas, or at least similar ideas in future patches, after 0.8.

I will definitely throw in more ideas, when i collected enough.

On a sligthly related, but not totally on-topic note. Do you guys already are interested in Ideas for Masteries, that are still to come, but are a bit more far away, like Warlock, Falconer and Runemaster?

Because i already did some suggestions for Warlock some time ago. Just want to double check, because i really think i had some great ideas, that i don’t want to have overlooked

You know what I also want to see? Erasing Strike idol that causes those scorpion void spikes that pop up under a mob on hit. That would be sick and would help with the ability feeling like it has more impact if you get these bad ass void spike to pop up.

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I personally never felt erasing strike lacking any impact(besides visuals and audio), but of course i would like to have some kind of Affixes associated with it. Be it Idols or Gear Affixes.

Will definitely add some, when i have more ideas.

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