New rune to restore lost crafting potential

There should be a rune to restore items crafting potential.

  • Using on a 0 crafting potential item: Restore from 5 to 10 if succeed, a fail would remove a random affix from the item. OR
  • Maybe you could not put on a 0 crafting item, but it would be a gamble rune, if you succeed you restore some crafting if not you lose some.

I think the first one is better, sometimes you have a great item on your stash almost as good as yours that end up being sold, gambling one affix to push it over the edge would be great.


This would not be a good fit for the current crafting system.

The removal of an affix as a downside is reminiscent of the way crafting was handled previously (instability), which was changed because having your gear be negatively affected to that extent (due to forces outside of your control) felt awful.

I don’t believe a rune like this would see use outside of gear that would be thrown away anyway. Why risk ruining a good piece of gear for 5 forging potential?

I do think some method of high-risk-high-reward crafting could exist, but definitely not something as common as a rune. Perhaps as a dungeon reward.


I think that the forging should be an infinite process for white, blue, yellow and purple itens. This rune would close the circle.

I like the second suggestion much more than the first. A rune that gambles with the remaining forging to try to get more out of the item could be nice. Might present to many feels bad moments. I think making it a one time use rare rune that has a higher chance to succeed the higher the forging potential on the item is at use would make it the most fair.

Dont agree with that at all… I dont think you should be able to infinitely craft on anything… That defeats a primary concept in loot chasing games… If crafting were infinite through mechanics like this, then you’d just find a perfect base and play lady luck over and over again…

No thank you very much… I dont play to craft & gamble… I play to kill things & take their treasure…


First off, I’m not saying this won’t ever exist in some form. I do want to say there is some problems I could foresee with introducing this however as presented.

If it were possible to infinitely craft one piece of gear, as soon as you have a single drop you start crafting, you start ignoring any other drop for that slot since you would just keep crafting the already finely tuned item. This means there would be no more loot hunt aside from “rune of potential” drops. While certain drops can stop mattering over time (such as common items) I don’t think we’d want to see this with every piece of gear. Gear drops should continue to matter pretty much “forever”.

This change to FP would also create a burden of optimal play. This is one of the things we have to consider when we introduce mechanics that can be far more powerful when used by experienced players than new players.

For instance Dungeons having the ability to skip parts of the campaign - if it was possible to get keys, or they didn’t require keys every character guide out there would state to do dungeons to get through the campaign first. This would be a very detrimental experience for new players - as not only would they be missing campaign story becoming lost in what’s going on in the game, but also hitting challenges not designed for first time players at the level the guides would tell them to go in.

We already see these burdens of optimal play come up of course. They can’t all be avoided, but we can try to avoid introducing mechanics which specifically promote it. In this case, all crafting guides would just tell you to use your stockpile of “rune of potential”, or stockpile of dungeon keys if a dungeon reward to craft the items for the build. This could be a pretty horrible experience for new players that don’t have access to these things yet.

It also increases crafting complexity in a way that part of the system would be hidden from new players. Imagine missing one of the most important parts to crafting, to be able to continue working a piece of gear that’s hidden behind a high tier dungeon, or very rare drop. This would also be a very poor experience to suddenly learn late in the game.

With how powerful restoring FP would be (to the point that it could negate almost all drops in the game), the changes to balance structure, the determent to new players and complexity of crafting system, I don’t personally see this being added in the near future, and if it were to be, likely in a very limited form. Crafting is exceptionally powerful in LE - but loot is still the heart.


I think that losing an affix 95% of the time would make the item unusable almost always and would not change the hunt for items. You could turn a 0 crafting good exalted item into a common with 4 misses, and a streak of success wouldn’t give you that much. A success would only give enough FP to max out a T4 suffix, or something like that.

But I understand, it has the potential to create a farm of runes play style, and that would be terrible.

I like the second option more. But it has to be restricted to be useable only once per item.

The rune would NOT be optimal though. Due to its high variance, players will often pick the low risk option of gear that is “good enough”. Gaining FP from the process will only lead to an infinite cycle if the FP gained on removal is more than the average.

Also the cost of a random affix means that every time it is used there is a chance of bricking the gear.

Prepare single click character, equip pre-made BiS levelling gear.
EZ mode engaged.
Warning, boredom incoming… Warning, Warning, Boredom imminent…

Sorry, couldn’t help myself.
This whole idea smacks too much of easy mode to me. The whole premise of loot dropping is that you constantly want, or need to find more. If you make “infinite crafting” on items, what’s the point in playing any more? You just farm a load of gear bases, then go sit in your cave and play Lego forever more.
Sorry OP, but for me personally this is just a daft idea from start to finish. GL with it though.

I’ve seen many threads with similar request… And I don’t get it.

In LE you can have a very large stash space, you can also configure your loot filter to highlight items with exactly the affixes you want.

So… Instead of farming for that reset rune, you farm multiple “craft bases” of the same kind. It feels exactly the same to me: time investment towards a specific crafting outcome.

Or am I missing something?

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