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New Roid Mage Necro build buffed for patch D!

Damage without the set.

Damage with the new set.

items you need.

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Omigosh yessssssssssssssss! A skeleton mage army was my fave playstyle back in the day… gonna have to try this out :heart:

I’ve some questions for you:

Do you have a build planner for this build?
(with or without the new set. Would be great to see a build planner for BOTH with and without the set, since I don’t have any of the items yet)

Is this using any of the ward stacking shenanigans that are getting people 200-300k ward?
And do you think with the most probable nerfs to the items involved there, will it affect this build?

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Hi, I’m testing a build with this one, still work in prgress so not definitive at all:

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