New player views on Last Epochs Content Creators

As I’m a new player, I’ve watched a few videos on YouTube and I’ve really struggled with the content. The content creators for Last Epoch feel very underwhelming to me. This isn’t meant as a slur upon their efforts, but a constructive observation (subjectively of course) from a new player. I appreciate that many gamers have been playing a while now but when explanatory YouTube videos are trying to explain things to new players, they really need to be pitched correctly. Give the viewer more time to digest your information. Speak clearly by not waffling about several subjects all at once and monitor the cadence of your speech. If you’re moving your cursor around, the viewer is going to need to briefly stop thinking about what you’re saying as they believe you’re about to draw their attention to another item of conversation. If you’re highlighting a skill, don’t hover over it for a fraction of a second, give the viewer time to engage with what you’re talking about!!! It’s very frustrating missing everything you’re talking about because you’re wafting the curser all over the screen and it makes me feel very disengaged with you and the content that you’re producing.
A lot of the current YouTubers all seem to appear to be chatting with their mates that all have a high degree of knowledge about the game already and have been playing for years. Very few “Content Creators” actually make it feel that they are trying to engage with me, as a new player. Instead they are talking “AT” me, not “TO or WITH” me. If that makes sense? I appreciate that they must be excited by the game and the influx to viewership their channels might have gotten over time but, it’ll be nice if they consider the audience a little more and engage with them. I think one of the better “Content Creators” has to be DarthMicrotransaction, he’s a humble guy playing his games the way he knows how. Other content creators can learn a lot from him in my opinion. The way he communicates with the audience is very professional. His cadence and communication is very strong because he’s genuine and leaves thinking time for himself and the viewers. He’s also clear and concise with his topics.
Please don’t think that I’m beating on content creators. I just want them to be better. Look at some of the larger content creators and the way that they speak and engage with the community. They don’t just sit in front of a camera and just transmit rapidly, they engage! Pauses in your speech isn’t dead space. It’s valuable thinking time for people to think about what you’re saying. If content creators starve the audience of this, people aren’t engaging with them. They then, at best, just become background noise. I do hope that they get better as I’d love for them to learn and grow in a field that they are happy in. :hugs:

Note: I’m almost 50yrs old now and have a decent technical education under my belt, though I am dyslexic, so apologies if I’ve not been clear here. I write this because I want to stress that I’m a mature adult and not someone wanting to start a flame war and point fingers. I want them to get better and they can do this if people are constructive with their criticisms and their feed back.
As such, any trolling comments will be ignored. Taking the time to explain your responses is generally good. 1 or 2 word negative responses will be ignored and deemed trolling.

Many thanks for reading. :hugs:

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If you are new to the game, just youtube “beginner’s guide”, content creators are not something that can be controlled by the developers…they all have their own style, you just need to find one that is easy to understand for you. There are many to choose from.

I have played Diablo 4 and POE, so not new to the genre. While I could have just watched one of their streamers to get up to speed on the things about his game…I chose to start like someone new to the game.

This video was good for me. If it doesn’t suit you, then keep searching for someone who is clearer.

If it is not covered in the video, you can always ask here, or in the chat in game, people seem pretty friendly.
I am only here since launch, some have been around for 5 years so will know a lot, but I am happy to help share anything I know so far. (also I am in your demographic as well, so don’t really get into the non-game related stuff too much)

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Thank you for sharing his video. I actually follow this guy because I also play Total War Warhammer 3. Yes, he’s very good and clear. I appreciate that content creators don’t normally have formal training to do what they do, but I’m sure some should, if they want to make this a life long career.

Thanks again for sharing. :hugs:

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