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New player thoughts

Hey there! New player here, loving the game so far. I just wanted to point out to a few things that I really liked…

First, the loot filter… I have quitted so many games eventually due to the pain of having to sort out loot after every run. I love how I can actually play this game and only pay attention to the few items that pass the loot filter. If you think you are not getting enough items, decrease the number of constraints in the filter, and vice versa if you think it is too much loot.

Non-trivial combat. I feel like one of the biggest issues of aRPGs is trivial combat that takes low amount of skill and just endless farming. This game, with its mobs which are few in numbers but hit hard, push you to actually pay attention to where you stand because good gear does not solve all your problem. I did the tentacle sea boss last night (Lagon?) for the first time, and it actually took me like 4-5 tries.

Crafting. Not much to say here. I love the way items/crafting work in the game. I can write a whole separate post on it and do not want to go into details too much here, but suffice it to say that, I like how even a blue item can be relevant to be used end game. It is wholistic and makes you hunt for gear at every level of the game. I also LOVE how it does not have too many different versions of the same unique items - a lvl 5 version, a lvl43 version and a lvl 76 version. Makes it simpler to manage your inventory.

Clarity. People say this game is easy and PoE is difficult. I would say, this game is clearly explained and PoE is obscure. So, you have to sit and read 30 pages or copy someone else’s build mindlessly to be able to play PoE, where as this game can be experimented with and actually be the experience it is meant to be as opposed to copying some other guy’s play style. Sure, some things can be explained a little more, but it is on to a great start.

I hope the game/studio does well. I am happy with my purchase. I was thrown off a little in the beginning with the lack of mob density, and how much damage I was getting, but then realized this was a different style of play and adopted… I guess my ONLY suggestion to the studio for now is that they can do a better job of explaining this to new players at the very start so that they know this is less like D3 and PoE and more like Dark Souls (I mean, in terms of how anything can kill you.)

I hope Destiny 2 can also learn some from this game and see that no matter how awesome the game engine is, loot/inventory management is important too. Thank you devs for the vast and cheap inventory space. Good luck!


Welcome to the LE Community.

Not much to say here other than agreeing, even as a veteran player all of this is still true.

One thing that sometiems bothers me, which you briefly talked about is:

Generally I agree, TTK and TTL are generally really high in this game for both mobs and the players, unless you get one-shot, which will be caused by very well telegraphed stuff usually.

Every mob matters.

But one thing that sometimes bothers me, is that the mob density in certain areas is way higher than in others.

Especially in MoF, where you sometiems have enemies like Meruna Ogres or Siege Golems (which usually come in relatively low numbers), they sometimes get mixed with dozens of small maningsless mobs, which can sometiems be quite chaotic and smaller mobs are blockign telegraphs.

This is really not a big issue, but the few times it happens, it can make certain echoes way harder than other, just because of mob density and combination of certain mobs sawpning.

One otehr great point you broughtt up is:

LE is not as compelx as PoE, but it’s still a very compelx game.
But the biggest difference between PoE and LE is, how much less daunting and how much more approchable LE is.