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  1. What I really noticed is that it’s annoying that so many items drop, less is more.
  2. I find it very disappointing that you get punished when you try out skills. My skill was e.g. lvl 6 and then I wanted to test another skill and it was downgraded to lvl 2
  3. What I also find strange is that the mobs spawn from the ground. Why are the mobs there the whole time instead of?

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Last Epoch has a build in loot filter and you can reduce the amount of loot you see or highlight loot your are interested in by just a few clicks.

Loot is not weighted towards dropping for your current build, which means the amount of items that drop overall is pretty high.
I feel like if the loot quantity would be less, loot would need to be mroe likely for your build so you still find enough good items.
But these kind of systems come with their own downside.

This is a very frequently discussed topic and EHG already did make respeccign a lot easier than it was. While it can feel like a punishment to lose a couple of levels on a skill, very early on it really doesn’t matter, you can still kill mobs with a lvl 2 skill anyway.

On top of that you ahve 2 and 3 skill spec slots very early on already. Just use your 2nd or 3d slot to experiment and keep one skill specilized if you feel like experimenting is to punishing for you.

The minor setbacks, when you respec are meant to be, so you can’t swap around all the time to adjust your skill spec tree to the content you are doing.

While some aniamtions of mobs spawning are not perfect yet, I think there are a lot of cool spawn animations and I rather have mobs spawn in interestign ways early on to give a bit mroe immersion.

Later, when yo uare done with the story this will be way less, because Monolith Echoes (endgame mode) will be populated by mobs already.

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OK, thanks for the quick answer

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I’d say this is the number 1 difference between Last Epoch (and possibly Path of Exile) and the other ARPGS you might be familiar with: there is an enormous amount of loot.
As explained by Heavy, this is because the choice is to allow for ANY drop on ANY character.
A few recommendations:

  • You need to set up a loot filter. For starters, this one is a great introduction: [0.9.2] Heavy'z Casual Loot Filters for all Classes v3.1
    (created by the same Heavy as above, he is everywhere, but too modest to advertise his own tool). Later on, you can create your own or find one made by some build creators using the same kind of builds as you.
  • And another important note: only pick up what you need for your build. DO NOT try to collect everything to sell, there are too many drops and the selling prices are super low on purpose, it would drive you crazy if you try. Sell nothing, collect only what seems useful.

Hope this helps, welcome to Eterra, and good luck.


To be fair, that sort of thing usually gets you arrested.

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Shall we reference kink-shaming in every thread?


No, we shouldn’t. Because NO kink shaming. :grin:

The first rule of Kink-Shaming Club is… there is NO KINK SHAMING!

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Have you tried PoE without a loot filter?

I tried to say that PoE is the only game with a similar amount of loot.
Re-reading it, I realise my sentence was a bit dodgy…

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