New player question - Bow attacks


started Last Epoch a week ago and so far i like it quite a bit.

I started leveling a marksman using detonating arrow yesterday and while leveling i found that sometimes i cant seem to hit the enemy. There is no reaction from them game when shooting the arrow. No dodge - nothing. This sometimes happens at ranged but more often it happens when the mob is in melee range.

Spent some time today with a few mob testing this. There were times were i couldnt hit an arrow for 30 sek with a mob attacking me. Happens with other bow attacks as well

Is there some kind of Hitbox issue oder a melee debuff when using a bow in this game?

This makes it very frustrating playing any kind bow character when you cant hit a single monster while having the cursor locked on the mob.

Yes, that’s already been reported and it’s expected to be fixed at 1.0 or shortly after.
Even yesterday or the day before a new thread about this was opened.

thank you for the quick reply. Sorry for the new post.

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It’s fine. It would be easier if people would search before, but we know many people don’t. As long as you get the info, that’s what’s important.

Have the devs said that? 'Cause there’s been issues with bow attacks since 0.8.

They didn’t explicitly say so, but considering the last bug fix patch involved a flurry fix (which actually introduced a new bug) I’d say they are aware of this and trying to fix it.
In fact, I expect most reported bugs to be fixed by 1.0, even if they didn’t come out and say so. At least the gameplay ones.

I’d be kinda surprised if “most reported bugs” were fixed for 1.0. They’ll certainly be working hard to fix stuff, but don’t forget they’re adding 2 entire new masteries with skills & passives and the item factions which will likely be the focus of their time rather than going through all the old bugs.

Just don’t want to set expectations at “most bugs will be fixed” & then they aren’t 'cause the masteries & item factions were taking the majority of their time.

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There are some bugs which I don’t really expect to be fixed, or rather, it’s not as important. But I hope they’ve also been working on fixing the worst gameplay bugs. And this is one of them. It makes bow builds really hard to play properly.
So, while I don’t expect most reported bugs to be fixed, I do expect most of the important ones that affect gameplay to be.

Here’s from the official post of 1.0 coming.

Note “complete more bug-fixing” is the extent of what was said, so we can’t be positive what all bugs are going to be fixed. I just hope the bow and projectile bugs are on the list as they are pretty big for the community considering how many posts and questions there are about them.


This is the single biggest deterrent to why I have not gone full in exploring Marksman. I don’t even mind the passives being slightly out-dated. But the ranged/missle issue affects this mastery way more than any other.

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Only skill (not mastery) that comes close, to me, is the bugginess of shield rush.

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I’m pretty certain that might be a result of the same issue actually. All channelled traverse skills (like Rampage and Flame Rush) all seem to have issues with the terrain and bork (you can see it very easily in Alpine Halls.) Coincidentally, I see a lot of the missle/ranged stuff happening in the same areas. Might be some sort of mapping Z-level axis issue (I have no idea, so my speculation is all tin-foil hate wearing gobbledeegook.)

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It’s possible. I remember playing hammers and one of the campaign bosses (forgot the name, the one that starts in a pile of black goo and keeps teleporting and “re-gooing” constantly) just wouldn’t be hit with hammers in the center of the room. And when I reported it Mike said it had to do with the way the map part was tagged (or something) so it counted as an obstacle.

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Yup, that’s another area that has it happen a lot: the void cavern maps, can’t remember name off the top of my head (Devoured Sanctum?)

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This particular bug is the primary reason I haven’t tried building a rogue yet.