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New Player looking for more information!

So i finally decided to pick this thing up and see what’s going on over here. I come from POE Open Beta day 2 with a total of close to 10K hours at this point in just POE alone. Probably another 10K+ between D2 (Mostly) and D3. Also played about any ARPG around atm including Wolcen which this game reminded me a lot of in some of the stuff ive seen about the game. Seems like this team have a bit more solid direction they plan to take this game so thats refreshing.

Mostly im just looking for any information sources (Wiki or something maybe?) or tools anyone has made to help maybe with planning out characters and such. I also dont have the first idea about things like Unique Items or Legendary’s how they work what they do which ones i should be looking for on what build ect. Crafting seems like theres a bit to understand and learn there… Almost hit like lvl 30 last night really fast i thought… level cap? Thank You in advance for any helpful information anyone has. Coming from POE these things were absolutely nessisary to get to any sort of point of being capable of making your endgame builds and such. Which is how i like it. I like the reward of understanding mechanics of a game like this to the point you can make about anything within reason work. This game seems like it has some depth to it which is also a refreshing thing to see in another ARPG.

BTW: Sarno? Same Sarno from POE forums? Thats awesome if so! hahaha

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Hi there!

Thanks so much for choosing to join us and support our development.

A few of us have been contributing to a wiki which you can find here.

Mitch has posted a Developer Blog on crafting which you can find here.

Similar to Path of Exile, Uniques & Legendaries are designed to do something different, rather than being objectively superior to lower rarity items as seen in Diablo III. We’ll be adding more interesting ones over time - we still need to implement support for certain things we’d like to be doing with uniques, nodes on skill specialization trees, and so on.

The level cap is 100, and will be at release. We may adjust the rate at which people earn XP, however. We’ll keep iterating on the game and see what feels good closer to release.

I am indeed that Sarno. :slight_smile:

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