New player Looking for Guides or Suggestions before the first playthrough

Hey guy,s
so I’m a POE player and wanted to try this game, since it seems really cool,
I was wondering if you have any video guide or suggestion for me to watch before I start playing :slight_smile:

basically, I’m looking for things you need to know before playing, so I don’t make a big mistake in my first play through



I really dont think that you have to worry about ”making mistake on builds” ( i assume that this is what you are worried for)

there is just so many build possibilities and in late game you can easily respec , grind better gear and tweak your build to its maximium potential. So you dont hit a wall.

In case you need some ideas, hints, guides there are plenty of them in these forums.

Just start playing and enjoy your journey.


Don’t worry that much about making mistakes.

While i can understand, that people sometimes have fear to make mistakes, it’s part of the learning process.

LE is much more forgiving than PoE.

Literally the only thing that you are permanently bound to, is the mastery choice, after Chapter 3.
So just put some thought into what mastery you want to play.

In case you wanna play a different mastery at some point, you need to play a new character.

Of course there are plenty of little tips and trciks that can make your life easier, but it’s just those will becoem clear to you over time anyway.

Also i would highly advice you do not follow a build guide, since you can literally make everythign in LE viable.
Of course your first build might be not as good as some of the really thought out builds, but you will be able to “fix your own build” relatively easy, once you get a better understanding of the game’s mechanics.

If you really feel unprepared i can suggest Wast3d’s LB Mage Guide

You don’t need to follow the build guide itself, but there are alot of general tips for crafting etc. in it, if you read through it.

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@Heavy @Chatterbox
Thank you for your kind responses

based on what you said I’ve decided that I won’t follow a detailed guide and will try to make my own ideas come to reality for the first playthrough :smile:
but I will take a look at the general notes of the guide you sent.

just 1 more question, how many hours you need in this game to finish the storyline,
for example in PoE for a seasoned player, It can take 4-6 hours while it will take like 15-30 for a complete newbie.

Hey… Glad the previous posters convinced you to go it alone… Guides are really only useful when you reach end-game content and you should probably run the content at least once before any theorycrafting of your own…

Time… Honestly havent run the content end to end in a while… I tend to level up multiple new chars at the same time so I cant recall how long specifically… but you can finish the currently available storyline by about level 45-55 odd… A seasoned ARPG player should have no problem doing it fast and I would think the 5-10h range is probably typical. LE doesnt have that large a learning curve… its got its way of doing things that take less than an hour to get used to and the campaign content is (arguably - see other forum posts) pretty easy.

Edit: Suggestion… dont forget about defence - there are a few areas where there is a gear/build check during the campaign and its usually a deficiency in defence that gets you killed - mainly cause you sail along slaughtering everything and then all of sudden you go… hey… that hurt… :wink:

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I’d say maybe around 10 hours the first time, I don’t remember exactly. And do the side quests, some will give you Idols slots and some will give you Passive points, they are worth doing.
Later you will take less time. Speed runners do it under two hours, but speed runners are not normal people. :wink:

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Glad we could convice you. I personally think this is the healthies approach, just to learn all the mechanics by yourself.

But don’t feel discouraged to ask questions here on the forums, in case you encounter anything that is not compeltely clear to you.

Here are plenty of people in the forums willing to give you tips and advice.
So just feel free to ask!

I usually need around 2 regular streams to finish the story and do the first monolithtimeline.

I usually stream for about 4 hours on average per stream.

So you can expect the story to take like 6-8 hours if you are already experienced, and probably like 8-10 hours for an unexperienced player. (This always depends on playing solo or normal. If you play normal and already accumulated plenty of crafting shards, you can make really powerful gear atall stages of the story)

The story will end about lvl 50-55 (if you don’t do any grinding and exploration maybe even 45)

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so I played it rather casually till now level 50, I have a few problems

  1. first about what item to pick up, I tried the mentioned loot filters but that still shows too many items
    at first, I picked up any item with +t4 affixed for shattering but now I’m higher level I get so many of them I can’t carry, so I was wondering what should I do,
    it seems that for shattering I should only focus on items that I want to use the affixes but the problem is I don’t know what affixes are good, any good guide tips for that?
    for example, in PoE, there are like +10 common affixes that are almost always trash and should be ignored ;D any list or something explaining good affixes out there?

  2. I have many questions regarding skills, like doest X work with Y, for example, does cyclone work with AOE damage over time, or recently I found out having more than 100% ailment (like ignite) is good and stacks, where to obtain the answer for the more complicated question.

  3. through my searches I found this website, is there any more useful websites/software that I should be using, I would really like a tool similar to path of building where I can fully test builds without having to actually making the first in the game

  4. how rare/useful are set and unique items, currently just dumping them in some tabs, should i vendor all duplicates?

Which loot filter do you use?

First step obviously could be to increase the rule to only show T5, to make it more strict.

Having all affixes recoloured for shattering will eventually make the filter to less strict, so you will definitely need to adjust.
Generally speaking all the Class Specific affixes are very rare and if you don’t play Solo and plan on playing other classes in the future also on normal mode (with shared stash) you should definitely pick up those class specific affixes.

For the more generic affixes you will eventually need to filter out some affixes.
If you are not sure yet, what affixes you want/need for your specific build i would just recommend to not show/recolour affixes were you are absolutely certain that you won’t need them for your specific build and while you move on and progress you can adapt and expand the list of affixes, that you no longer want to show/recolour.

Don’t wory too much about hiding some “rare” affixes, if you don’t need them for your current build and maybe play another character later down the line that needs them, not having massive amounts of affixes stored is not a game breaker.

There are some easy ways to make your loot filter more strict, by hiding base types or specific item types.

I do have a guide and a generic loot filter that might give you inspiration, feel free to adapt it to your liking.

If you have some very specific questions i would recommend searching the forum or discord and if you can’t find an answer just ask them here.

Besides the tunklab that you already posted there is another similar site created by Dammitt.
He does have a DB and a Build Planner

It’s not as extensive as PoB yet and there still is some functionality and features missing, but i am sure it will get more features and functionality in the future.

If you playing normal i would definitely keep at least one copy of each.
Some are pure low/mid level items that are not endgame viable, but there are some truely rare and good ones.
Especially the uniques that are not gambleable should be stashed, sicne there is no easy way to obtain them in case you wanna use them at some point.

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Thanks again for your kind and complete response, I really appreciate it
as for the loot filter, I was using ur loot filter but I had forgotten that I turned one some optional recoloring for alt chars, I redownloaded it and made a copy of the default setting, and after I applied some of your suggestions to it it’s already so much better.

ill check out the discord and other websites.

as for uniques knowing if that’s gambleable probably helps to know its value a lot, ill probably keep 2 of each non gamble ones and keep the not gambleable for now and see what happened

thanks again

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Yeah the recolour T4+ affix rule is solely for collect alot of generic shards.

But you should definitely make your own recolour rule with some of the most important affixes for your specific build.

That’s a good strategy

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Just read this guide and you’re good.

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