New Player Help Needed: Melee Poison build (Lich or Warlock?)

Hi all,
I’m new to the game and really enjoying it! I have a 75 Necromancer but I was watching some YouTube videos and saw a poison build and it got me thinking. Could we build a Warlock or a Lich into a poison Death Knight that uses melee?

I’ve dabbled a bit today (level 16) and I now have to choose which mastery I want.

As far as I can see, Harvest is our only melee skill, so I guess that’s got to be on the bar.

Gollums (choosing the 2x Gollum node) could be used to help taunt and heal us when they attack

Wandering spirits can shoot and cause poison

Spirit Plague, but that seems like single target only and it’s hard to hit as I’m loosing tract of the cursor due to screen clutter.

Aura of Decay seems logical and I know you can have it permanently but I can’t work out how. Probably being stupid and missed a node or something here!

I love the looks of Fissure and like how it can poison and curse the enemy but that will lock me into Warlock mastery.

So that’s 6 abilities, so 1 will need to be deleted. I think if I go Lich, Fissure will obviously be dropped but if I go Warlock would it be best to drop Spirit Plague?

Lich has some great talent tree nodes to support poison builds in the latter half, so that’s very tempting. Warlock can curse with fissure which can help do nice AoE and help me melee dps as Harvest does more damage to cursed enemies, though I know it’s not a lot but I’ll be stacking poisons with this ability.

Developing the build tree will be a bit janky as I’m sure I’ll have to alter it depending on how lucky I am with gear and how it performs along the way.

Anyway, it’s an idea I want to see through to fruition so I’d love some feedback if anyone else has tried this. Which way seems better? Warlock or Lich?

Acolythe has 1 melee skills called Harvest. There is not much to build about if you want to go melee.

Fissure is a very fun skill but still not very melee. If you go for a Ward build or low life ward build you are fine with whatever poison spell/melee build you want to use.

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Yes, I understand that Harvest is our only melee attack, I’m hoping that using this between other abilities will make for a more engaging play style within melee range and multiple useful buttons, as I’m not a fan of 1 button builds. :slight_smile:

There is this fun 2handed sword for Fissure… sadly for you it’s a fire build in the end but this most likely would be a nice due with Harvest and Fissure ^^.

If you don’t want to play one button builds then you should stay away from Fissure because you can make it so strong that there is no need to press other buttons untill 600+ corruption ^^.

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Thanks. Do you have a link to the fire melee build please? I mainly wanted to play a melee Warlock/Lich/Thingy. Poison was just the theme I was trying to go with it. :slight_smile:

I have no build link most people play necrotic because it’s stupid op.

I’ve no idea what that is. It’s the 2h fire I’m after, if you say it works. :slight_smile:

The necrotic dmg build ^^. I still wait for a decently rolled Spine of Malatros - Unique Flamberge - Two-Handed Sword - Last Epoch Item Database to toy arround with.