New Player Feedback

To Game Devs & esteemed members of the LE community,

I want to first say that I am loving this game!

My feedback (possible improvements):

  1. Ensure the journal also contains player characters observations about the expanding world. It would be great to have additional information/perspective in the journal about the characters you meet, the places you go, the times you travel through, and the main opponents that you face. I love lore! As I’m working my way through the campaign, I keep wanting to know a lot more background information on these enemies I’m facing…etc. It would be fun!

  2. Inventory management. I have not played an ARPG before. The only area where I get a little frustrated is the way the inventory, and equipment information, is presented. As I’m picking up loot, there is ALOT of information to sift through to figure out if the item is worth switching out to what you have currently equipped. I know you can press ALT or CTRL to compare. However, perhaps there is a way by just hovering the mouse over? Maybe color-coding the different STATS to help make it easier for a player to lock on to what they want while also seeing what’s additionally there? (I.e. Color strength as PINK, and resistance as BLUE …etc.). I could play with the loot filter, but I think it’s fun sifting through loot, if the information is easy to read…

  3. Grey-out / strike-out dialogues that have already been selected please. This helps in running around an area and knowing that I’ve already spoken to someone.

  4. Can we have the Shopkeeper windows pop up right next to the inventory? I prefer to drag and drop items (rather than short cuts). This is just a small QoL.

  5. Windows auto-close if select on something else. (i.e. stash window open, shop keeper window opens underneath it).

Aside from those things, It’s been a blast! I am looking forward to the full release!

Respectfully yours,


Great feedback, especially point No.1, No3 and No.4 are interesting.

I think having a “fresh” perspective on these games can really help giving better feedback.

I never or rarely heard suggestion for similar stuff but i think it would be great for some player to implement those.

No.4 should be optional though. I like having 2 windows on both edges of the screen.

Can i boldly assume you are coming from a more classic rpg background? (I just assume that because of No1 and No.3^^)

Yea. No 1 definitely made me want to say that sounds like something that fits more in a traditional rpg like elder scroll or something.

No 3 is not that unusual. POE and Diablo does this too.

And to OP: welcome! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hey thank you!

Haha yes! Assumption correct. I’ve mainly stuck to regular RPGs like Divinity: OS 2, and Pathfinder. I wanted to try something new with this game, and it’s paid off!

I’m looking forward to what’s around the corner!

Welcome here!

You can toggle auto comoare function in the settings menu.

When you compare items, the game shows the stat differences with green (better) and red (worse) text.

This defenitely will change with more playtime. The loot system showers you with loot. And its tediuous to stop and compare every single item that drops.

I get that for a beginner it is interesting to see what items are in the game and learn stuff. But especially after completing the story and doing endgame you can’t handle the loot anymore without it. Technically you can. Mentally not :grin:

Regarding no1: I like the approach genshin Impact took. You have an archive for enemys, npcs, weapons and so on and so forth. I actualy used it from time to time to look something up so I even I as a “Don’t waste my time with cutsecenes and stuff I have to click that aren’t monsters!” think this might be usefull from time to time. Maybe something to include in the game guide in the future?

No2: Sonner or later you most likely pick up 1 or maybe two items an hour because you have enough of everything and only look for realy rare stuff. This is something that solves itself.
As mentioned above you can opt in compare modes in the options.

No3. In this game you don’t miss out on stuff by not talking to npcs that don’t have quests. Again I like the approach Gensih Impact took because there you are able to talk npcs into giving you stuff ^^.

Welcome to LE have fun and keep the feedback coming :).

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