New player equipment question


So atm Im level 70+ doing not too good with the build but cannot say doing bad. Still could not get my hands on any of equipment needed from the build. Oh yes here is the link to the one Im trying to do.

So as a new player I have a question. I know those violet/ purple colored items are the ones that have one of their stats buffed up yes?

So basically most pieces in my build are just basic item of specific base + specific crafts for minion levels aaand how do I make them violet? And those minion level nodes for example +4 levels of wrath is just a random drops like Health or Fire resistance one? Or is there a specific way to get/ make them.

Over all to simplify how do I go by getting my gear, staff and gloves I know they are drops from specific areas + made into legendary though not yet sure how as never tried.

Don’t plan on getting those exact items as it’s highly unlikely you will. Just aim for the item bases with best stats as you can find/make.

And yes the +skill affixes are random drops

oh I understand that they can differ was mostly speaking about specific +minion levels as those I think the most important. But how do I get them violet? is it random drop chance or can be made somehow and what does it do?

OK, not sure where you got this build but this is insane gear. Will take hundreds of hours to get, if ever.

Anyway, to answer your question, “violet” items, aka Exalted, are items with one or more tier 6 or tier 7 affix. Drop only, we cannot craft above tier 5.
And “purple” ones are called Legendary, you need a unique item with Legendary Potential and an Exalted of the same type of item, and you combine them in a dungeon after killing Julra.

I can only recommend reading the in game guide about items rarity, it is very clear and useful.

oh so this gear is hard to get. hmmm jsut YT video I watched said this is a good league starter so I thought its fine :frowning: Maybe I Should look into something different? any suggestions? I dont want to level another character yet so I guess necromancer only.

yes if you want +3 or +4 to a skill they are a random world drop (believe for +4 you have to be in level 90 zones or higher.

This gear is not hard to get, it is borderline impossible.
But the mistake is to think you NEED it. You don’t.
Just look at what affixes are used and try and get some gear with the same ones, or craft them.
You will have tier 4 or 5 instead of tier 7, but that should take you deep into endgame already.

And start with the normal uniques (weapon and gloves I think?), forget about making them legendary until you have much better stuff.