New Player Class/build Help

Hey all, just bought the game and am struggling with deciding a build/Class to pick I am fairly easy when it comes to skills I like from other Arpgs like cyclone/Pets/Casting etc

Also are there any skills that aren’t worth investing in?

Sorry for the barrage of questions, there’s not tons of build info online that’s relevant to the current patch any tips or advice or any good guides you know of I would be grateful thanks :slight_smile:

First and foremost: Welcome to the LE Community.

I can assure you, that most skills are totally viable and usable.
Also creating and finding your own builds is super easy. Yes your first character will not be the best, but since LE doesn’t have a particularly hard story, that doesn’t matter that much.

So just pick the class/skills that you feel like look cool on first glance. experiementing and respeccing is super easy in LE, the only thing you really need to put some thought into is your base class and your mastery, since those can’t be changed without leveling a new character.

Everything else is super easily respeccable on the fly.

The only skills i would not plan around would be all skills that currently don’t have a skill specialisation tree (all stances on sentinel, Healing Hand, Healing Wind and Detonate Corpse).

No need to apologize, that’s what the forum is here for.

As stated above, i don’t think you will need any guide. LE has a very easy progression and does not throw tons of stuff at your face upfront.

Discovering and learning all the builds and synergies is one of the most fun thigns for me personally.

So i would highly suggest try your first 1 or 2 chars on your own and if you really start to struggle, come back and look out for some help here on the forum.

I am not a big believer in build guides, since they usually only show you what works and not what doesn’t work. And making your own experiences does teach you alot more about the game, than following a guide.

If you really feel you don’t enjoy the game anymore, because you hit a brick wall there is a single guide out there i would personally recommend, not necessarily because of the build itself, but because it’s a true beginner guide with really helpful informations about all kind of mechanics.

Here is the guide:

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Thank you for the welcome and the information :slight_smile:

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You’re at the right place, no need to be sorry.
Ask questions, it’s always a pleasure to help!

I fully agree with Heavy. At the beginning I was in need for guides, but very quickly I tried to make my own builds. Almost every self-made build can go through the campaign and it’s far more fun to play something we’ve created!
When reaching endgame, you can look at guides, but more learning guides than build guides. The most important is to understand the game, understand its logic, it mechanisms. Then, you will be able to create endgame builds.
Respec’ing is very easy and cheap. The only thing that can’t change is the Mastery, all other elements can easily be changed.

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