New pets for Primalist to give more variety

Here are some new pets id really like to see in Last epoch and some funny nodes to go along with them. This would give more variety builds and creative a fun interface. Feel free to add your own ideas :slight_smile:

First Up, the GORILLA.
Active ability - Turn into king kong for 5 seconds and wreck havic (+atk speed +dmg +size and looks completely revamped)
Possible nodes -
Poop slinger (Fling poop at enemies blinding them)
Infectious Pink Eye (enemies have chance to get hit in the eye blind chance +25% +10% to spread to nearby enemies)

  1. Panda! A cute cuddly Panda!
    Active ability - Charm - Makes nearby enemies lose there will to attack (-50% atk speed -50% movement)
    Possible Nodes -
    Bamboo Blow Dart - Shoots an enemy with a blow dart made from bamboo deliver poison and bleed 10% chance

3)Pterodactyl - Flying dino bird that does air attacks
Active ability - Wing Splash - The pterodactyl flies to your location and unleashes a wing attack knocking back enemies in all directions 10m
Possible Nodes -
WoodPecker - Dives on enemy and delives 3 pecks with it sbeak doing armor shred

  1. Rhino - Active ability - Charge (charges nearest enemy and stuns a small area at hit location)
    Possible nodes - Knockback chance/stun area/charge CD

  2. Cockroach - Active ability - Swarm (summons 20 baby roaches that have very little health and do very little damage to overwhelm and distract nearby enemies)
    Possible nodes - Increased # of cockroaches in swarm/ increased duration
    Eggs - Cockroach lays eggs every 30 seconds at its location, the eggs hatch baby roaches after 10 seconds that last 10 seconds.

6)The Viper (snake)
Active ability - Shed - Shed’s its skin leaving behind a decoy that attracts nearby enemies CD 20 Seconds.
Possible Nodes - Obviously alot of poison…

Other changes i would like to see to existing companions and mechanics

  1. Raptor should not be locked behind beastmaster mastery, would love to run the raptor with the werebear as a druid

2)Raptor node that gives permanent damage and size after 15 kills in a zone, I do like this node, but to server a more melee build purpose with all the aspect buffs, would like to see a raptor gains 1% bonus damage for every kill that YOU get not the raptor, this node would be hidden behind a only allowed 1 companion node.

  1. Bear companion should get a node for baby cubs just like baby scorpions. A added node that when cub dies mama gets frenzied

4)Wolves skill tree should get a node for an alpha wolf, where you can only summon 1 and this way take advantage and have a viable solo companion wolf build

P.S. I know the beastmaster just got love and is unlucky that it will see these things soon, but just ideas for down the road i would love to see for it :slight_smile:


I like only the alpha wolf node so far but I like the thought a lot. If it translates all your possible available wolves at a 50% for dmg resi and so on into one giant buffed wolf. You would reduce the number of wolves to 1 with but oh boy this would be a potent wolf and a nice addition to solo pets.

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i woulda thought you would like the raptor idea since it helps promote you to do a melee skill and get into the fight with the minions and it makes it a contest since your trying to kill the mobs before the raptor does so that he can get the boost

I think wolves are pretty balanced minions that fall off later on. With a change to their scaling by having an Alpha for example they might be more viable later on. I realy dislike the other pets but they are usefull and it’s something that comes down to taste. If there was a pet option to be passive and dodge everything Spriggan would be great but as it is right now I find pets more troubblesome then running a pet free build even when i loose a lot of defence and offence because EHG thinks it’s okay to penalize non pet builds.

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Pets are amazing lol and they sirive alot more hits than I do you just gotta heal em and buff em.
Just curious, when you say pet option to dodge are you referring to shaman? cause there alot of dodge in passive tree and you can stack dodge easy on gear especially with glancing blow gone, i am currently working on a new build to give pets between 2-3ooo dodge and a bit less health, since they get 100% gb and naturally take 50% less damage i think theyll be good till at least wave 300 before they start falling (depending on what your character level is)

What is it you find troublesome about the pets? I feel like out of all the characters ive played (all of them) pets seem to let you do the most variety and unique builds. Just a few example, you can run 6 wolves and do poison, or bleed, or both, or do high crit and leech. you can go 5 wolves and a scorpion with 3 babys, synergize them all with poison or bleed or crit. I just recently went with 1 raptor 1 scorpion 4 wolves and the raptor puts on the number of bleed stacks as poison stacks with each hit and all 4 wolves have 200% bleed on top of 500ish% poison, that last build was a little OP and kills the training dummy without even using entangling roots.

Anyways i know there not going to add all of those pets in, but i feel like 1 or 2 more than can be used for a different purpose (like the rhino for a stun build or a panda for crowd control i feel like would just make some more unique builds that would 1. be fun to play and 2. be viable at end game just as much as anything else.

I havent had much sleep this week, so im officially just rambling and losing my mind.

Please, please, please… We have a giant scorpion, we have baby scorpions, we even have ice scorpions… But what about - - - a Scorpion King!

Yes, that’s right. The body of a scorpion, with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s CGI torso attached to the top. With his now 4 Claws! and extra agility, the Scorpion King is able to (taunt?) and lock up multiple enemies at the same time with a flurry of pinching swipes! There isn’t a disarm mechanic in the game, but this would be a great candidate!

On a slightly more serious note, seeing “Aspect of the Shark” has really made me want a shark companion.

On an actual serious note, more pets would be awesome. I really like the idea of the Gorilla and Rhino, they seem a bit different thematically from what we have already.

Thanks for Boardman21 for dropping a list, would definitely enjoy seeing other pet varieties.


Well now that you bring up aspect of the sharo and wanting a shark what about about an actual viper snake? I mean its actually poiaous haha. I know the dinos is pretty jungle era type but another era with common day animals would be cool. Dont really wanna turn the game into zoo tycoon but pets are so dynamic and fun

Boardman we’ve been over this, nobody wants to see bear cubs die!

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No I simply ment the move out of harms way walk out of aoe don’t fight at all and kite enemys who are targeting them.

yeah a.i. for the pets would be amazing

New Pet!
The viper!
Active ability - Shed - Shed’s its skin leaving behind a decoy that attacts nearby enemies CD 20 Seconds.
Possible Nodes - Obviously alot of poison…

What about snails?! I don’t see them mentioned anywhere! Just think about it. There are options for some really messy abilities with snails… :snail::scream:

We can’t buy salt so snails would be OP.

That would be awesome as an MTX skin for

And as for a shark companion, how about shark-head Maui from Moana? Sorry for the link to Amazon, it was the first one I could find on google.

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If only we can have a zoologist that can craft hybrid species and customize his pets skills :smiley:

Anyway, very fun ideas for a future diversification :slight_smile:

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