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New need help understanding some wording ^^

hey guys so im new here started yesterday came here from poe .

so i have trouble understanding 1 passive Scorpion arrow. it mention that it convert all shock into poison but does it also convert all shock duration into poison duration? or is it only chance? thanks

also guys… does area of explosion increase the cone AOE?

No, just the poison chance.

thanks alot appreciate it… i wish they add skill tooltip in game that shows how damage types are split and all that… like in poe.

as for the are of explosion. .it will effect the cone from barage aswell right? thanks alot.

They’re working on that.

I believe the increased AoE affects the cone as well since it’s still the explosion, just a different shape.

thats great ! thanks alot i appreciate it and its good to know they are working on that really good game huge potential if they are smart they will time their leagues to be on different months than PoE leagues time to write sup to upgrade pack xD thanks alot for help!

hi sorry for the bother but id love to have 1 more question if thats ok… i mean i thought i understood it correctly but either im confused since it doesnt show effects on enemies or their wording are not always accurate !

my question this time is about Acid flask Pool,
theres a node called contamination it increse the chance to reduce poison resist… does it work also per second dot from the pool? or only on the first hit from the flask its self?
becuase im pretty sure mobs that walked into it had this effect like red ligning effect .

but then i tried to take the slow node with 25% to slow on hit which is same wording but it looked like it did not work? is it just mistake in their words or am i missing something?

the slow should work aswell from dot? only resist shred work? none work and i jsut confused trhank you !

The shred from Contamination will only be applied on the initial hit from Acid Flask, but it will affect the damage the mobs take while standing in the pool, yes.

Both the slow & shred are on-hit effects so they only get applied by the initial hit, but are then effective for their durations (~4s or so).

thank you so what is this effect on monsters that stand in poison? like red lightning

Not sure, probably either shred or frailty.

alright thanks ill try figure this out… i reallly hope they plan to show efects on monsters so we can see stuff better

i found out what this effect is… but i need your help ! it seems like both the hit from acid flask and the dot are applying Frailty? but how? i did not even take these Frailty nodes anywhere i made sure i have no chance to Frailty on items and it constantly put Frailty on enemy even tho the skill doesnt state that it does… im really confused