New Necromancer Skills

(low tier) Summon shade: Summons a shade of the caster that casts the same abilities, but both the caster and the shade have half of the casters max hp while the shade is active.
possible skill tree augments to make the shades minions stronger, it doesn’t reduce hp as much/damage dealt to the caster is redirected to the shade, etc.

(low tier) Death Ball: an alternative to transplant for mobility, the necromancer (or acolyte, lich, warlock) form a sphere of bones around themselves and roll to a location, dealing damage and briefly stunning enemies hit.
possible skill tree augments: Leave a poison trail where the ball travels, the ball has freedom of movement and a set duration, the ball consumes minions to increase damage, the ball grants bone armor to the caster during and for a duration afterwards.

(High tier / Necromancer only): Abomination: Form an abomination out of your other minions for a duration. the abomination has your other minions combined hp x1.3 and deals damage based on the majority of the minions consumed.
possible skill tree augments: abomination re-summons an amount of minions when it’s duration ends/ abomination’s duration can be increased by consuming minions that were summoned after it formed/ abomination fires ranged projectiles at nearby enemies when it’s attacks are melee, and creates bone novas around itself when it’s attacks are ranged (i’m imagining a big bone boi with skeleton archers sticking out of his shoulders and stuff like that)

(High Tier / Necro only) Skeletal Dragon: Summon a big bone dragon that alternates between cleaving swipes and high damage single target bites depending on how many enemies are nearby.
possible skill tree augments: dragon gains a necrotic breath attack / all threat generated by the caster is transferred to the dragon / claw attacks inflict poison while bite attacks inflict bleed / dragon can consume other minions to heal itself / (in regards to the last one) consuming a minion grants the dragon any elemental damage that minion dealt (if any) for an amount of time

(any tier) Necropolis: create a stationary idol of undeath that attacks nearby enemies, healing you and your minions for a percentage of the damage dealt.
Possible augments: Heals more but only heals minions / heals more but only heals you / deals more damage in a larger range but heals for a lower % / increases the damage of allies near the necroplis.

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