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New Meteor Build! (Currently Ranked 1)

New current #1 Build using the recently reworked METEOR!

this build hasnt been played to much, have alot of other things to try such as

  1. Going High Health 2k+
  2. Converting Teleport to give ward based on % health
  3. Working in lightning aegis
    4)Changing helm from unique to crafted once i find ward per second affixes

Feel free to change it up and let me know if you make it better!


nice, I am testing how to build a METEOR recently. Good ref.

is Pierce on Fireball necessary? It seems that Meteor already obliterates the trash mobs.

nothing is necessary :stuck_out_tongue:

just a question, what is the purpose of fireball when you have meteor? is it for single targets / bosses?

(I assume you skipped all the good parts when i talked about it in video lol)
When you cast meteor it gives you a buff. The buff last for 4 seconds and it makes it so when you cast fireball you get +9 mana. If you keep fireball at 9 or less mana cost (easy to do) you actually regen mana while using it which means cast Meteor and then fireball and you will never have to use focus.
I have focus for when we spam meteor until out of mana since that was probly your next question.

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I was also confused about that. In the video your Fireball costs 10 mana, so you’re actually at a deficit of 1 mana.

Yes correct i changed out of the 3rd point in -3 cost and put in to flame blast. However you also have regular mana regn so even while casting Fireball at a -1 deficit your still going up in mana

Hey boardman, I am fairly new to the game. I was wondering if you could show all pages of your stat sheet? I am trying to get further in arena and I can only get to 65’s ish. I noticed you have dexterity on your gear, and was curious what ur dodge, crit, avoidance is at, etc. Would also like to see ur protections and stuff. Im wondering if the crit avoidance is whats making me so squishy. Thanks; appreciate your builds.

100% GB i have 70%ish Critical Strike Avoidance. No resistance. 72%ish dodge in that video. Currently in arena with forge guard so i cant go screenshot it (might be a while) also ive changed gear a bit since that video started stack health.

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No worries, they dodge is where its at then. I have 100GB and close to 70% crit avoidance, but my dodge is practically nothing. lol. Thanks for responding.

Hey man, just curious if you know whether or not the “x% mana spent gained as ward” affix is still in game? I can find it on but it isn’t listed on the wiki and I’m not sure which is more accurate. is more accurate, it’s updated each patch.

Thanks, I actually found that affix just now so I guess you’re correct. :smiley:

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