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New member and a question about supporter packs

New to this community and wanted to say hi!
I love ARPG’s and Last Epoch looks great so far.

I see you can back a tier at Kickstarter, or buy a supporter pack at this site.
Is there any difference (apart from the content of the tier/pack)?


You cant buy a kickstarter pack anymore. Only the supporter packs on site (alpha packs) are still available.

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On KickStarter all campaigns are time-limited; the maximum duration one can run for is 60 days. Our campaign took place last year, and lasted 30 days beginning on April 17th.

Other than the MTX included, there are no differences between the two series of packs.

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Thanks alot for the quick and welcoming replies! :slight_smile:

Then i will pour a cup of coffee and ponder which pack i’ll buy.

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