New Linux Native Graphics Bugs

With patch 0.9.2k there are a number of new graphics bugs when using the native Linux client with the default OpenGL renderer:

  1. On startup before the “Login” button appears the swirling animation is missing:
  2. The mini map does not show any outlines anywhere anymore:
  3. The overlay map does not show any outlines anywhere anymore:
  4. The world map only works for End of Time era. All other eras only show black backgrounds:
  5. The loading indicator in the lower right corner on the loading screen does not show or is missing the swirling animation at least:
  6. Shard Icons are not shown in inventory (Glyphs are shown though):

This is all I noticed so far.

When switching to the Vulkan renderer (-force-vulkan) those issues are gone but the older issue of incorrect 2D icon rendering still exists.

When switching to the Windows client via Proton/Steam Play the issues do not exist either (as it is using Vulkan/DXVK) but there seems to be a memory leak which requires frequent restarts (FPS drops after GPU Memory is full).

Edit: I did check integrity of game files. I reinstalled several times over the last couple of days as well.