New Lich Meta Part 3! Fire Crit Hungering Souls variant Lich Build Guide

Check out my third and final build guide based around getting as many ignite stacks as possible on our hero to fuel our damage. In this case, we get around ~100 ignite stacks which translates to ~600 spell damage thanks to the unique belt Immolator’s Oblation. With that kind of spell damage, we activate Death Seal and let it auto-cast max crit hungering souls. We get around 1.5-1.8m crits on the dummy. I’m also showcasing a neat synergy for Death Seal and the unique offhand Scales of Eterra.

I share my thoughts on how the three builds compare against each other and which one is my favorite. All 3 are viable though so some of that is personal preference.

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THanks for these 3x in depth videos. Any suggestion on a leveling/farming build for lich to get these items? I usually play SSF solo

I’d go for Hungering Souls for single target and Spirit Plague for AOE clear.

Spec Hungering Souls into single soul node, then pick up the massive dmg boosts from the minion nodes in the tree (Unholy Trinity). Just need to get 3 minions and keep them alive with 1 item having +minion health regen. Get some points into “Great Soul” node as well if you can afford the mana cost increase because the DPS boost is significant.

For spirit plague, go for “Plague of Eyes” right away. It only costs 3 points so it’s easy to get. Once you have that, add some int into your items. Then spend your next 3 skill points into Pestilence for a huge dmg over time boost.

That should get you to the late game. Then you can try to target farm unique gloves in the “ending the storm” monolith. And once you have a few soulfire bastion keys, you can get the belt as well. :slight_smile:

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