New Lich Meta Part 2! +3052% Damned Ailment Effect Max Armor Lich Build Guide

Check out the second part to my new Lich Meta build guides! This time instead of focusing on amassing ignite stacks on our hero, we convert those ignite stacks to damned stacks using the unique 2H Axe Pyre of Affliction. And we end up maintaining around 150-200 damned stacks maxing at around 220 at some points. Pyre of Affliction adds 16% damned ailment effectiveness per stack of damned on our hero. So we end up multiplying our damned ailment dps by 20-30x thanks to that. It’s late game viable - you can see me killing T4 Julra in 35 seconds and corruption 300 is a cakewalk thanks to the defensive boost from Soul Feast.

The only concern I have is how the 0.9 ailment rework will impact the build. I also have not seen the Pyre of Affliction stats in 0.9 so if you have one, please share it! Let’s hope the build is still strong in multiplayer cause the Pyre of Affliction unique is really cool :slight_smile:

That sounds like a bug given all ailment effectiveness was supposed to have been removed and replaced with penetration (which would still be a massive more multiplier so it probably wouldn’t be a particularly big nerf).

Though i didn’t read the bit about you not doing this in 0.9, ignore me.