New Lich Meta Build Guide! 733 necrotic spell damage 323% cast speed Max armor

Hey Everyone, check out this hilarious new way to play Lich. Stack massive ignite counts on our hero to deal crazy damage. 20+ stacks of Damned multiply our Death Seal death waves damage 3x as well. We get max armor from Soul Feast. AND run 2 mobility skills for max monolith farm speed. It’s a really smooth play style.

I"ll post 2 more build guides centered around this concept soon!

Let me know if you know any other lich build that takes down Julra in under 40 seconds. I’m still learning Lich.


Nice catch on the self immolation interactions, and somehow infinite stacks of armor. Rerolling skills/passives in this game seems pretty easy, did you have this kinda planned as you went or did you do lots of respeccing? I’m making lots of mistakes with my synergies but I’m new, I’m just getting my fails out of the way.
Was there anything noticeable about the necromancer points you specced? Just health?

This, and all my other builds really, are the result of tons and tons of trial and error. There are certain game mechanics that you think should work a certain way and then end up working a totally different way. You have to play around with different setups to find what is optimal. And sometimes it’s personal preference. I tend to enjoy builds with high cast/attack speed.

The Necromancer passive skill tree was just health ya. Here is the build planner:

Im a massive Lich fan and I been eyeing your post on reddit/Youtube and this forums. You got me pretty hyped to play Lich again once 0.9 drops. Thank you for your work in creating unique and cool builds!

I’ve seen every one of your YouTube videos and they are fantastic. I love the creative and elaborate ways you are breaking the game and the detailed explanations. Keep up the good work!

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Thank you both for the love, I really appreciate it! <3

+1 really super nice work, congrats! I will be with my favorite necromancer on 0.9 for a fresh start, but I think I will run a variant of your golems build :slight_smile: