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New layout for Passive is weird

I just downloaded the new patch. I see quite a few things have changed. I have to say that I don’t like the new Passive layout. It is rather confusing.

For example, I want to take Savage to increase my pet’s damage but I can’t invest in it. It is the first row at the bottom. What do I need to do to unlock it? I put 10 points into Primalist because I want to test Sabertooth. I want to choose passives that increase pet’s damage but I have no access to it. As a pure summoner, there’s a lot of passives I don’t need. All those increase Strength, Potion, or even my own Resistance or +health on Hit are not that important.

How come I can’t invest in Savage? It used to be tier 1 passives. I am stuck investing in Healing Bond???

We’ve heard the confusion over the new system, so we’re definitely open to changing how it is arranged and taught.

How the system works now is that you need to invest 20 points into the Primalist base class before you can put points into the Mastery Classes which is explained in a tooltip (and the masteries have a lock icon), but it’s definitely not too clear.

The exact passives that each class has is still subject to change, I do agree that the Primalist could use some more offensive options.

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I didn’t read the tool tip. lol

But how come I can invest in Beastmastry’s Healing Bond passive starting at level 1? That’s why I was even more confused. I didn’t understand why I could invest in Healing Bond and not Savage.

Shouldn’t all “Mastery” Class be greyed out until I put 20 in Primalist?

There are a few specific passives that are bugged-- they will be appropriately locked in the next patch

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Im excited for the next patch almost as much as i was for 0.6!

Thanks for the quick response. My new computer broke so it’s very laggy for me to play the game. Hard for me to test fast.

I’ll give more feedback on the new skills later. But right now, I feel Sabertooth should be bigger and look more different from the Wolves. I sometimes can’t tell which is which and Sabertooth’s summoning has that wolf howl. Sabertooth doesn’t howl?

sabertooth is already much bigger and very distinguishable from wolves, even without ice tiger

Just make the passive System more Obvious. Grey out class speccs and open them up after 20 points are spent. What you can’t see or interact with don’t concern you. After you reached 20 skillpoints implement a tutorial that pop up the next time someone opens his passive skilltree explaining that the new speccs are chooseable and that’s that.

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