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So I wanna talk about Last Epoch, and items.

There is a serious lack of items for a game with 5 separate classes with 3 separate masteries.

currently, there are only 178 Unique items and 13 set items.

That is crazy low. for a game that is planning a multiplayer.

breaking it down by class, you have 5 classes and each class has 3 masteries. so you have less set items than hero types, and if you break down uniques thats 11 unique items per class, and there are 11 item slots per class/mastery. Just to have a unique for each slot, you need 168.

and thats if you have 1, 1 item per slot/class/mastery. There is a serious lack of items for some classes that hamper how multiplayer is going to feel. Once you introduce multiplayer/trading item saturation is going to go quicker than you think.

And even factoring in that 3 of the masteries aren’t completed, its still lower than average.

I am definitely interested to see how multiplayer trading goes, I’m hoping for a crapton more items before it happens.

The sets are not supposed to be as mandatory as in Diablo 3, so it’s OK if they are not very common. And there are very few Uniques that are mandatory in a build and that could not be replaced by a good crafted item.

I feel the sets are in a rather good spot. We could do with some more (we know at least one is coming soon), but we don’t need many.
It would be nice to get more Uniques and I know EHG are creating some, but here again the current quantity does not seem to be a problem. Most Uniques are “nice to have”, you can create very good builds without any Unique.


So is the development of unique and set items. With every patch they introduced new sets and/or uniques. I’m sure we will see plenty of new items before release.

I doubt that the end goal is to have a unique item per slot per mastery. The current unique design doesn’t let you build viable builds with uniques in every slot. Theres too much tradeoff (mostly in terms of defense).

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for new and exciting items. But your expectations are not realistic. Even if we have unique 165 items at some point, it won’t be exactly that specific like you described.

Also theres still Legendaries missing. I’m curious how these will fit into the itemisation system. Also theres rumours about runewords.

So still a lot to come :v:


Always keen for new uniques and sets - its part of what I like about Arpgs and building chars around new finds…

And I dont need any math to convince me that we need more… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

One thing tho… @Shtrak mentions it too - uniques & sets in this game are FAR less important than in other games esp. D3 where they are just about required for every meta… personally I like that we do not NEED sets for a lot of builds and for metas that do require somethig special, its not full uniques for each slot…

As @RawSuicide mentions, Legendaries are still to come - who knows what these might end up being or how many there may be.

I am sure that the devs will increase the quantity of items as time goes bye.

As discussed in many other threads though, I personally will be more than happy if trading once MP hits is something done at a bare minimum level. Having come from a recent 3 years stint in poe, I am so sick of what that “trading” experience was I never want to do it again.

I think I’ll only indulge in buying/selling ever again if it is done with an AH type system. I never want to see “phantom listings” ever again. You list it? Be prepared for it to sell at that price! You want to buy something? Be able to buy it without having to interact with the player or spam 50 players to try to buy.

Anyway, I digress from the OP. I’m confident that the devs will enrich our lives with more sets & uniques to tinker around with. However, I would rather they go slow and make sure that those new items/sets are useful while not being overpowered. Releasing content for its own sake at vast rates of speed has already been done by other companies and without any success.

That’s fair, I just wanted to bring up the conversation. It’s not so much i feel like uniques need to be mandatory for builds, some of them could be absolutely useless in all honesty. I just know how trading goes when multiplayer is implemented, and right now? Items are too low, you’ll get maxed characters in a few days at the moment.

Which is why they’re planning on slowing down the levelling pace.