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New Issues with Ward Changes

So Let me make it clear I think the ward changes were definitely needed as I can tell you first hand ward/dodge was wayyyyy too powerful before. The changes made were a step in the right direction. However, with the new changes there is one aspect that is completely unfair for ward. And thats stuns. Life as you know provides an inherent resist against stuns but ward does not. So as your protections diminish and with no inherent resist to stun youre basically stunned all the time by physical attacks when relying on ward. Its pretty ridiculous and feels terrible to play.

You could say “well just stack stun avoidance” if youre going to do that then you might as well just stack life (because stun avoidance is basically the exact same thing as life unless the formulae was changed and I didnt know it) there by defeating the entire purpose of ward in the first place.

My suggested solution would be to have ward also provide a partial stun resist based on the number of ward. Clearly not one to one with life but maybe 1 to 4 or something like this.

Just my thoughts (which are right :wink: )

Basically for this reason only I’m giving up on dodge/ward builds for now even though I have incredibly strong gear for them because it just feels so clunky to play at the moment.


We don’t want stuns feeling oppressive for any build really. Ward losing its overpowered synergy with protection and dodge does mean that stun is a much bigger threat for ward heavy builds and this was overlooked during the defenses rework.

There are bigger changes to stun that we’re considering that may alleviate the situation, but those might not happen at all and even if they do they might not go in before beta.

in the mean time the solution of adding ward to health and stun avoidance in the stun formula definitely makes sense. I’ll bring it up in the next meeting, and it’ll probably be implemented for beta.


Really happy to know that the devs would take in good ideas even when it may inflate an already big ego :stuck_out_tongue:


Who’s Ego!? lol :wink:

looks around

so I know yall say this is the new formula for stun, but i dont see stun avoidance numbers change at all. I will be at about 1k ward and no increase in stun avoidance, and Im getting stunned to death still from the first hit that i take 10 damage from. with about 1.4k ehp at that time, stun to death should not be a thing. unless the enemies have much higher stun chance on hit that we arent seeing, I shouldnt be stunned by anything less than 100 damage hit when my numbers are as such. would be nice to see maybe a variable threshold that is based on the ehp at the time of the hit? (i know, just throw more math at the math already there). so say when receiving a 100 damage hit, it has lets say an 11% chance to stun, but a 90 damage hit has a 9% chance to stun, both hits occur at the same ehp, that the 90 damage hit stun is completely negated (ie, threshold requiring at least 10% chance to stun), but the 100 damage hit stun chance is applied. Just an idea, dont want to make it more complicated than necessary.

My advice: Wear Strong Mind. I wear Exsanguinous, and I just don’t get stunned at all with Strong Mind.

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