New-ish player here - my first time in end-game, and I have some "progression check"-type questions

My first character is a SCF Runemaster. I’m currently level 93, and recently unlocked empowered monoliths. I have some questions on how my progression is going thus far.

  1. What should be focusing on? I see 3 main options:
    • Focus on getting to level 100 ASAP
    • Run through each empowered monolith once to get the grand blessing
    • Pick a timeline and raise corruption until I feel I’m at my current build’s limit
  2. The empowered monolith timeline bosses have extremely-high hp. I can one-shot elites and kill echo bosses/exiled mages in ~5-10 seconds, but timeline bosses will usually take me 2-4 minutes to kill. Is this normal, or is my current build too weak for 100 corruption?
  3. I tuned my loot filter to only give me potential upgrades, but now I only get 1-2 items per echo that are even eligible to be an upgrade. Is my loot filter too strict? Should I also put a loot filter for an alternate build or a meta build (I am currently using an off-meta fire build for runemaster)?
  4. Is there a way to speed up my CoF favor? Or is it just based on xp/hour?

I’ll offer my take but I’m also new. I’m doing my first round of empowered monos so take this as you will.

  1. Blessings are quite good but very RNG. I’m picking the monoliths with the best ones for my build and/or the bosses that drop good items. IMO pushing corruption is good as long as it doesn’t slow your clears.

  2. That’s partly a build thing. My nova hammerdin was painfully slow bossing because single target was low. I swapped to smite hammerdin and bosses go down faster. If you can kill the boss your build is fine. I prefer a somewhat faster kill because I don’t have to avoid oneshot mechanics for as many rounds, but they don’t seem to ramp up damage or have a time-based enrage.

  3. Hit X and see what you’re leaving on the ground. I often run an echo with nothing interesting. Yes, I filter for additional builds. Why not?

  4. Hit the XP echoes for more favor. Also check the buffs on the echoes because some boost XP.

@Vizireth - Running an RM as well (lvl 101). I’m new to LE since launch so take my advice with a grain of salt but here’s a few recommendations from my 350+ hours so far…

1. Resistances & Blessings

  • Until your gear / DPS starts to improve significantly, having (as close to) capped resistances helps a lot with survivability

  • Run each mono once or specifically target monos with blessing that can improve defense (resistances/armor) and DPS (additive damage/“chance-to”)

2. CoF Rank & Favor

  • The faster you can get to CoF rank 4/5/6 the quality, amount, and frequency of better loot starts to ramp up significantly. The “Experience” blessing of the first mono “Outcasts” directly translates to favor. If I did it all over again I would have leveled up with that instead of the unique drop.

  • Kill as many things as fast possible at the cap of your survivability without going out of your way or slowing your clear times in echos. CoF is certainly an favor/hour grind.

3. Gear & Stats Progression

  • Some major increases in DPS / power can be as simple as an increase of +Attributes early. I was over focused on acquiring gear listed on the guide I was following to realize a ring with 2 bad affixes but +12 intelligence gave me a huuuge boost in DPS. To my knowledge +INT tends to be important for most RMs and should be more easier to attain / add to gear you will constantly be replacing for awhile

  • Ward - The several RM builds I transitioned through all were based on Ward defense as opposed to actual HP. Ward is extremely effective and likely overpowered in it’s current state. If your RM build uses ward increase it as much as possible. If it doesn’t, consider switching from HP to Ward.

Hope this helpful!

I highly, highly recommend you follow a build guide for your first character. Yes, you can play a personal build and get through the game. But the difference between a well optimized build and self made, all over the place build is massive. You will see a huge difference in how fast you clear and how fast you progress, which for me translates to fun. I say this because I checked your character. I can’t make heads or tails out of it and you’re still rocking yellow gear. It seems you want to run an ignite build, but I can’t be sure. If you want to make your own build, you can always do that after you familiarize yourself with the game.

After that, I’d focus on getting empowered blessings. That should also get you going in levels and items. Then work on a few legendary pieces that are available to you and also work on pushing corruption once you get your empowered blessings.

As for loot filters, search up Raxxanterax’s loot filter. He gives you a base line loot filter and guides you on how to personalize it to your build requirements.

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I’m also new as of 1.0 release but already quit about a week ago due to lack of content but here’s my input… I’d say you are progressing fine and just the boss clear seems slower than what you’ll expect ideally since you are destroying regular echoes and bosses…

Just says to me, your builds strong suit isn’t the main bosses. Normally there is something that helps with that such as this for your build. (Grand Mysteries of the Deep @ ending the storm - This provides a 25-50% shred lightning damage to help with bosses for your build.

  1. Get all mono’s that give you a blessing that actually helps your stats. Resists/Armor/Dmg. Doesn’t need to be the BiS but if it’s an useless mod and low roll, redo it… I find that each timeline has a bunch of choices that could be used, maybe not the BiS but as long as it helps, its good enough… I normally go for dmg > def since I feel as long as I don’t die one hit, i’m fine… This is particular true for the lower corruptions.

After that, do the other blessings at least once and just get any advance blessing that best suits you to help with upgrades.

So basically, 1. Important Decent Roll Combat Blessings, 2. Get all other blessings by doing mono 1 time and just picking the best one that suits you. 3. Target farm timeline of choice that best suits you and raise corruption and you’ll level along the way. Higher Corruption = Higher Exp & Favor.

Ideally, you’ll want to speed clear (just rushing objectives) and raise your corrupt to a point where you aren’t able to do that anymore but 1 shot elite kills, 5-10 sec echo bosses and mages and 2-4min timeline bosses just tells me your build isn’t made for bossing.

  1. 2-4 min for a boss kill isn’t bad at all. If you are clearing maps at a good speed, < 2 min rushing objective, get all those important advance blessings then start focusing target farming the timeline best suits you. Get higher corruption = Higher exp & drop rate… Your build doesn’t seem too weak if u are one shotting elites, just not a boss killer it seems, so I would say you are doing fine.

  2. At level 100 empower and the rate you are killing, it does seem like your loot filter is either over strict or your build is underpowered, making your filter super strict from finding potential upgrades. Since you are new, I would advise just finding a loot filter that is similar to your build and editing from there.

  3. AFAIK (as far as I know), it’s based on xp/hour so technically, you want to push higher corruption so you get more exp so you earn more favor but just make sure you are killing fast enough so the XPM is faster because higher doesn’t always mean better if you are killing at a different pace.

At the end, if you are still feeling very underpowered and can’t find out why, I would suggest just looking around for a tutorial and compare your builds. When I was new, a lot of things came down to me not completely understanding and/or misunderstanding nodes… Nodes for your masteries are extremely important, probably the biggest and most important boost to help with your build

  1. First you should farm your blessings you want to have. After that, you choose a Monolith, according to your Items you need, to bring it to a decent corruptionlevel
  2. Monobosses are “harder” in terms of HP, that is intended
  3. i don’t think so. Your lootfilter seems just right
  4. on the one hand it’s bases on XP gaining (for reputation), but on the other hand you earn reputation as well when you spend favor. You should concentrate on reaching lvl 10 in CoF, because it will boost your itemoutcome tremendously

I heard you also get favour by spending favour, i.e., buying prophecies even if you aint gonna use them. In case you’re just banking it, might be a waste. Not 100% sure on this though.

If you can handle 100 corruption empowered you should at least run all the timeliens that gives Character Power Blessings to give you a decent power boost (Black Sun, Ending the Storm, Reign of Dragons, Spirits of Fire and Age of Winter)

You should get a blessing that is somewhat usefull to your build in all of these 5 slots.

After that you can push corruption on one of these timeline where the blessing is not perfect yet. When you get 200 corruption you have 5 blessign choices, which increases your chance of getting a better rolled blessing

That is normal. Try to avoid stacking tanky modifiers before doing the boss, if yo udon’t like fighting them as long.

That is really hard to judge without knowing your build and loot filter. You really need to keep crafting in mind as you rarely find items that are upgrades out of the gate.

A T15-20 rare item on a good base and with 4 useful affixes is usually better than a exalted item with 1 or 2 bad affixes or a bad base, even if the exalted affix is really good.

It is tied to experience, so higher corruption will increase this. Also spend all your favor. You get 1/2 of your favor from exp and the other 1/2 from spending favor.
1 Favor acquired = 2 Reputation
1 Favor spent = 2 Reputation

Mind… Blown… Thanks! Did I miss something in-game that says this? I do spend favor but I didn’t realize it helped my CoF level.

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I am actually not sure if it does specifically state that somewhere. I just know it from testing.

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Two ways to go about it. Raising corruption in one mono will speed up raising it in others. So if you feel confident to go up 300 without all blessings go for it. You’ll probably wanna do Dragons with a runemaster.

Otherwise, with CoF, chill, get the blessings, go where the prophecies take you (they don’t scale with corruption) and try to power up.

Make sure your build is good. As a runemaster, that’s slow even for bad gear.

The standard in LE is 2 potential upgrades per 2000 echos :wink:

Yes and yes. Choose a mono with the highest corruption and pick up all tomes of exp in the first few branches. If you don’t see any, reset corruption by 10 at the node at the center and repeat. If you’re corruption is getting too low, rush to the Shade and top it up.

Choose corruption optimally for fast clears and max xp boost.

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Thank you for the responses.

My gameplan is to run through each empowered mono once to get a grand blessing, doing all the stats-related ones first, and focus on tomes of exp. along the way (at least until I reach both level 100 and rank 10 CoF).

How do you check characters on here? My build is a pure fire build. If this build is putting me too far behind, then what build should I use?

Thank you, I will check out his loot filter.

I did not know this, thank you.

Why Dragons?

Twisted Heart. You might wanna do Frost and Death for unique armor nodes (for Exsanguinous), boss also drops Frostbite Shackles if you ever wanna do a frostbite build. has a function where you can check people’s characters or accounts using their name (I searched up Vizireth). As for builds, maxroll has some decent starter builds you can follow. I typically find builds on YouTube. Raxx, dread, and a handful of others have decent builds you can follow and you can also see how the build plays since they usually show their builds off. Mattjestic gaming also has fantastic builds, but he typically draws the hardcore crowd since he goes really in depth.

I do this when I first hit empowered Monoliths:

  1. Complete those that give “power” blessing again. I mean blessings that affect your char’s power and NOT blessings that affect drop rates of blah. Repeat until I have at least a useful grand blessing from each.

  2. Once that is complete, pick a Monolith to “farm”, based on where the drops I most want occur. I will likely raise corruption there to at least 200.

  3. Go farm other monos whose corruption will rise quicker now due to the catch-up mechanic. I like to push all Monos to 200 so I can now perfect my grand blessings (or at least those that matter most). 200 corruption gives an extra Blessing choice so this is a good way to perfect them.

Level 100 is kind of irrelevant. Although I have taken a few chars to 100 (or very very close lol), I do not obsess about it. The grind from 90 to 100 is absolutely gigantic (probably as long as the grind from 1 to 90) and gives very little in return. Also I am working 25 Alts rights now so I tend to stop about 90 and only those I really like get levelled any higher.

This is hard to say. 100 corruption is pretty easy and should give you no problem whatsoever, outside of a few tricky Mono bosses. All I can say is that 5 to 10 seconds for an Exiled Mage and 2 to 4 mins for a boss is VERY slow indeed. I use Exiled Mages as sort of a bechmark for my builds once I hit empowered. You really should be killing them in 1 to 2 seconds, if not one-shotting.

However, unless you are dying regularly then who cares, right? (Also note I have 60 stash tabs full of great gear that I’ve collected over many years playing this, so my view of how much damage you should be doing in empowered is probably skewed as most of my Alts are pretty well-equipped when they hit empowered).

Obviously the better your gear becomes, the less viable upgrades you will see. I can’t really answer here as I am looting for 25 Alts most of the time so my take is different from mopst players. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The real issue is being good at spotting potential upgrades (as opposed to actual upgrades). Especially with crafting offering so many ways to manipulate item stats. Most people do not even know what a Glyph of Insight does, for example.

No way I know of. Seems you just need to kill stuff.