New(ish) Player. A few observations

Overall, really loving the game and totally addicted. ok, so it got off to a bit of a rocky start on release 1.0, but the team was excellent in communication and trying to manage the pitch fork mobs.
So, well done all.
Ok, a few suggestions as a newish player. Coming up to 300 hours played. Still a lot to learn. So don’t berate me if my opinion differs from yours. Discuss and enlighten me instead.

It could possibly do with a few more chapters to enable better character engagement. To offset this for those who have completed, just add a skip function especially for cycles.
Overall, pretty good and smooth and hits the mark most of the time. However, end game levelling is a burnout. Start to notice it most after 90, and 95–100 is a dredge.
Maybe you could offset it some to levels 1-90 and reduce the overall 90-100? Not sure what’s best here, but it does feel like a time sink feature and a burnout. I get some people like it how it is, that’s why I suggest just an overall balance, so the later levels don’t feel as bad. The increase in exp’ from empowered monoliths does not feel rewarding due to this.

Weavers Will.
Love this feature and would like to see more. It’s exciting to level them and adds intrigue as you wait to see the results.
More of these please. Tie them in as rewards somewhere?

Legendary Potential.
Easily one of the best features in the game.
However, it is not engaging enough for the majority of players. This is due to the way its accessed through the dungeon, to then fight a boss which at level 3 and 4, a lot of players find difficult.
Maybe remove the dungeon access and balance the boss fight for all builds and classes.
The dungeon could be repurposed for something else. Maybe to acquire WW items?
Additionally, and increase in drop rate for relevant LP 2 and above items is needed.
I’ve played 2 characters to level 95+ now and still not had any items which has got me running to the sanctum.
I love this feature. I want to play it and engage with it. Help me do this by making it more accessible, but at the same time, keeping it rare enough to feel rewarding.

Controller support.
Overall, it’s not too bad. I enjoy this type of game on a controller, as it lets me armchair play with my feet up and a nice Single Malt, with nibbles. A supposed to stiff backing it at my desk.
The mouse and controller pointers need syncing to position as it can lead to incorrect clicks and selections.
There needs to be a better fast navigation on one of the thumb sticks. Similar to PoE, where it moves segments.

Various vendors in the game. Keep them relevant by scaling items according to the players level and progression and build.

Love the pets. Loving the Twilight Fox especially. Great job on those. I’d like an option whereas I can select to make them disappear in combat, or at least move a little further away from my poi. Just a personal niggle here.

Ok, if this is already in the game, and I’ve just not found it. Don’t laugh.
When inspecting the Monolith map, can you get it to show the current corruption level for each one I mouse over or select? Also, would it be possible to log in at my last location?
I’m old and I keep forgetting where I was up to when I log back in.

Anyway, just a few feedback suggestions. Don’t take it as a whine or a rant as it’s not. My intention is just to constructively put some thoughts out there for consideration.
Some may seem daft to established players, but I hope not too daft.

The campaign isn’t complete yet and they are planning to add at least 2-3 more chapters to be added in the future.

This has been requested at least a couple of times so the devs are aware of the desire, and hopefully will add it in the not too distant future.

LP3/4 are intended on being exceptionally rare. They should not be built around/relied upon (especially those with higher LPL). They represent a huge amount of power and making that more common would be a mistake (imo).

For reference - the 90 most common uniques scale from a 1:300 chance for LP4 up to 1:15,000. The middle 90 scale from 1:15k up to 1 in 2 million. From there, the 90 rarest uniques quickly go into the billions and trillions - to completely impossible.

LP3 a bit more common. For those middle 90 it’s 1:150 up to 1:1,500

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Thanks for the reply and the updates. Much appreciated.

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