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New hardcore masochist group

Hello everyone, sorry my English but I’m Italian, we are forming a group of new players who want to enter the fantastic world of Last Epoch in HARDCORE MASOCHIST mode, if you catch join us even just to exchange 2 chat or opinions on build you are welcome.


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Welcome ot the LE Forum!

That’s awesome!
I always liked it when sub-communities form within a game community for specific kinds of content.

One thing though, not sure how much you or the other members experienced LE already in its non-masochist mode.
But Masochist mode is not meant to be balanced and EHG already confirmed, they will not do balancing because of masochist.

Good luck on your journey!


hello and thanks yes we play purely hardcore, as far as the hardcore masochist version is concerned we are taking it as a challenge between us to those who come farther by choosing specific classes, all this while waiting for the patch 0.9 with Multiplayer.