New Gameplay Option: "Move to Melee Attack at Cursor"

Has probably been mentioned before but I couldn’t find it.

Either way, I would personally love to see an option that would allow me to move my cursor to the location I want to attack and when I right click, my character would run over and attack the spot as soon as the ability would be in range.

I’ve never been a fan of stand in place and attack, my brain is just too weird or something. And while the “Move to Melee Attack Enemies That Are out of Range” option is an alright alternative that partially has the functionality I’m looking for, I often just miss clicking on mobs for some reason, idk if it’s some weird cursor hitbox issue or if I am just really bad at aiming but it is janky in my experience and whether that’s the game’s fault, my fault or both, I’m not entirely certain.

If I want to stand still and attack I’ll just hold down Shift, simple as.

Thus, having the option to just click on the ground and have my character move into range and use whichever skill I activated would be chef’s kiss.

Whether or not it gets considered/added, thanks for reading.


i would like to add on to this suggestion, for all melee attacks. these attacks get a free “dash” effect on cooldown.

as much as people take dumps on wolcen (myself included), one feature that they have which i absolutely love is the dash attack. what it does is whenever auto attacking anything using melee, the player will dash towards the enemy.

this skill is balanced by having it have a short distance and a short cooldown. it is possible to upgrade the dash distance in game IIRC.

really would speed up melee abit and would really improve the feel of melee combat.

in poe the nearest i can come to this is either dashing or using flicker strike before meleeing. the devs dont seem keen on adding this dashing functionality by default to melee.

ironic that in their poe2 teasers, they highlight a dash attack using a new spear class weapon.

last epoch’s melee game can benefit greatly from this


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