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New Forum Profile Avatars

For all the guys who have been around the forums for a longer time. We finally have new profile avatars :slightly_smiling_face: thx ehg!
@Llama8 never change yours pls!

I don’t even know where and how to change them lol. Tried pressing My Account but there’s no such an option.

You can find them under “preferences” in your profile.

Ah nevermind I found it. Thanks! But it is strange that the only way to get there is to press on my Nickname in the forum topic. I expected it to be in the My Account or the Button in the right top corner of each page here. But nothing.

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Yeah, I did notice them earlier but didn’t ask 'cause these Office of National Statistics reports won’t run & file themselves!

Never, I will always be a black hole sucking the life out of anyone foolish enough to come nearby (which as we know is a surprisingly large distance)…

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I cant change mine if I want something exclusive :frowning_face:

Isn’t yours already exclusive enough :wink:

I can also see you as a Decoy

New ones look good, but we should have custom avatars.

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Agree! Choosing between the Mastery logos would also be cool.

Booyah! :slight_smile: Thanks for the heads up! :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I’d really like to use my avatar from the Sacred forums, though I’m not sure if I have the animated version somewhere…

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