New Filter Enhancements

The filter is lacking a few key features that would increase its power for someone like me who is playing COF …( f$@# trades no offense )

Sound Effects : If im playing a dot build or a build that has a lasting effect I can zoom past mobs knowing they will die without waiting around to see if they drop anything

Minimap Icon : unique items have a minimap icon it would be nice to enable other icons as well.

And / Or / Not : Allow us to add And / Or / Not additions to each filter so that we could filter out things more strictly.

I currently use a filter that is showing me a base type items for example , rune daggers with a list of afixes, I duplicate this filter and have it showing crystal swords, with the same list of afixes. Now I have two identical filters for two base type items because they cannot be in the same filter. Anytime I want to add or remove an afix from appearing or increase the strictness of that search I have to do it for every base type that I’m searching for which I have applied for every single slot on my character.

Forging Potential : Currently there is no way to search for items with high forging potential or filter out ones that have low forging potential.

Color Popup : Right now if you open your filter for a search the color window popup will appear every time and it has to be closed in order to proceed for every single color option.

Is this a bug?

Item Implicits : When you search for affixes on items all results will appear as well as those with implicits, So If I search for Fire Resistance, Fire resistance amulets will appear even though I have no interest in those amulets. There needs to be a way to filter implicits on items.

Better Affix Tier filtering : I doubt this would ever get added but having a way to set the Affix tier on each affix you are searching for, for example lets say I have 30 affixes I’m searching for in a filter for 1 hand swords, I will accept any level of %Melee Damage but, I will only accept +#Melee Damage if it is T6+ . Currently you can set the affix tiers only by accumulation (Up to 28) and I guess this is possible with multiple layers of filtering but I’m not sure exactly and It sounds like a headache.

Font Size : Option for font size not only Emphasize / Not Emphasized.

Other Suggestions related to item drops.
Increase Item drop speed from enemies / opened chests.
Auto pickup ALL option via a key modifier ALT+click or something like the way we pick up shards(Hold X for controller?)

Option to REMOVE the keypress to swap equipped items with Right Click
(oh my god!!!)

Worm Regards. :heart:


This is actually not true.
If you filter for affixes the implicits are not taken into account.

And you can filter for item sub types. (but only if you select a single item type)

Filtering for specific stats across implicits would be pretty senseless IMO.

I would also like to see the loot filter apply some visual changes to the items in your inventory too.

Like maybe the recolor option also has an “item inventory border” associated with it, where the color you choose also shows up as a border around the item while in your inventory.

I currently have 3 diffrent builds that I’m looking for loot for, so being able to quickly see at a glance which items I picked up are for which build would be nice.

Or maybe you are trying to find items to shatter, as well as to keep for legendaries. It would be nice to see which item is for what purpose in your inventory without dumping them all on the ground to see their filtered aperance.

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Yeah I thought about this as well, currently I drop everything on the ground to check if its in my shatter list or my chaos/hope glyph list.

Having a way to filter a number of open prefixes or suffixes would be very good aswell.

A better filter would help both cof and mg btw