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New Fastest SpeedRunner The Necro! (Build Link)

Here’s a build guide to make the fastest killing necro around! Good for Farming MoF fast and stacking up those crafting materials!

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Beside run speed and ward retention what are the stats used ?

Spell damage or melee damage ?

Spell Damage, DoT, Poison on Hit.

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So this one still working OK after the nerf to wandering spirits in the patch?

This build still works. How was wandering spirits nerfed?

Looks like it was my bad sry.

" Drain Life’s Eternal Servitude node now allows 5 Wandering Spirits to remain active per point, and can have 3 points allocated (from 1).

  • The node previously did not have a cap, due to an oversight. Wandering Spirits is an instant cast skill, and so it can be cast while channeling Drain Life."

Did not register that this applied to the skill drain life

Ah yea copy the new skill life drain was changed. However this build still works exactly the same. It does use a broken node but it has not yet been fixed.

So this build still works?? In the current patch? Just starting and wanting a good build to follow

Yes it hasnt been nerfed or fixed yet

It’s a good starting build ??? Video shows everything?

So really enjoying this one, nice job! Quick question? How did you get so much ward? I’ve stacked idols but don’t get near that much…

At the time this was made 1x1 ward idols were bugged and had a few on so your ward will sit a little lower. But wearing exangous and having 1300+ health you can still habe 2500 ward at all times. Also I found idols besides ward retention that convert potion to ward are very useful in this build

Excuse my ignorance but “exangous”?

Chest piece that converts missing health to ward and reduces your current health by a % every second. Its a massive ward generator

Ah thanks. Haven’t managed to get that one to drop yet. On the good news front I did manage to get my first arena key to drop with this build

Nice! Congrats

Lich or Necro as Mastery? Lich passives look juicy with River of Bones.

Cant use river of bones unless you go necro mastery

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