New Dungeon - The Lightless Arbor

Visually this is very interesting dungeon. I like its eerie and dark atmosphere. But about the rewards I’m not sure. They are just too generic a bit. Can we get a chest with , say, unique belts or amulets? Or a chest with a guaranteed LP unique? For a fair price of course


New Meta: Farm Monos for Gold nodes now? :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t be so quick to sell the Soul Gambler short!

That looks very coold! I hope all works well with a controller, because I still haven’t found how to properly control minions with it.

So is the Rock Titan that beastie we see and hear under the bridge in The Sheltered Wood in the Ruined Era? Sure looks like it. If so: born in the Ancient Era and persisting through ~7000 years… he seen some shit!

Might also imply he’s witnessed our deeds through the Eras to some extent. Definitely interested to find out how the Titans relate or have interacted with other persistent beings like them.

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But according to the post he was sleeping all the time :smiley:


Well done! Will be awesome to see some of the crazy outcomes of the vault! Dungeon looks awesome! Can’t wait to level a new character and experience this patch!

Well, he must have spent some time awake. Maybe he missed the eras in between, but there’s still the potential we somehow interacted with him in the Ancient Era. If that is him in the Ruined Era, there’s no telling yet how long he’s been shambling around when we hear him grumbling on our way by.

I would guess (if we’re guessing correctly so far) that he was active for significant amounts of time in both Ancient and Ruined Eras. Since we’ll apparently be fighting him, I have to wonder if he’s specifically angry at us for some reason.

I’m kind of worried about the bugginess of the fight. It looks like he will be similar to Lagon who already has issues.

Alternatively it could me that this renewed focus on this type of boss fight has given them time to work the kinks out of the Lagon fight.

The particular mechanics which we’ve implemented for killing this boss are not subject to the same kinds of complications which arose with the Lagon fight.

(Which we are still working to address as well, though will not be in for this update).


Decisions decisions… hunt down more arena key nodes or try and farm some gold. I have not been a gold hoarder, and being a casual I do mot have a lot right now.

Will those modifies effect enemies’ more health or damage?
The cost and the profit of them seems that could be huge , so is there any means to avoid risk?
For example, the second chance or sth like that.

From the sound of it, the vault is the reward for the dungeon, in the same way that the gambler is the reward for the Soulfire Bastion & the eternity cache is the reward for the Temporal Sanctum. Therefore it’s a reasonable assumption that the modifiers that the modifiers that the devs say you select/decline have no impact on the dungeon that you’ve just completed.

I put all my gold into expanding my chest. :joy:
So I need to collect gold first. :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:
If I have 1M gold, I can adapt all the options at once…?

I’m really looking forward to new patch! :fire:

It was said on Discord that the big loot explosion at the end was about 4M gold.


Oh my… :scream:

Interesting. Is that the same giant we can see in The Sheltered Wood map in the beginning of the game when crossing the bridge?

i hope the video is a bad example

Throw the lamp, move a few steps to shoot mobs in the light? And take 1 hour to reach the boss just to die and lose the progress?


I believe so, yes.

How you play the Dungeon and interact with the mechanic is entirely up to you.

Not me. The dungeon video in this post.