New CoF rank 10 reward

So we’ve all seen this new reward:

rank 10: 150% increased drop rate for boss exclusive items

At first glance this looks great, I had suggested doubling this drop rate some time ago and this is an even higher increase, so that’s cool.

But there are caveats:

the small one:
What about exiled Mages? Do they count as a boss? They should but I don’t know. And even if they do, would the chance beyond 100% produce multiple items with an experimental affix?

the big one:
Whatever you do, please don’t let go of the current rank 10 bonus. If that becomes rank 9, great, but I want to stress the importance of the doubling effect.

The only thing I’ve been hunting for the past two weeks is an exalted helm with a certain t7 mod and matching t5s. Before that (Runemaster break aside) it was exalted daggers. These items (any rogue helm with t7 Ox) have a natural drop rate below that of random 3lp uniques. So 95+% of candidates come from prophecies. None of which have survived the forge yet :wink:

If you remove the t10 bonus, you would nerf CoF endgame by 50%.

You would remove an “earlier” bottleneck for builds requiring boss uniques but create a much bigger bottleneck down the road when said uniques sit in the stash collecting dust waiting for a slammable exalt. I got my 4lp helm in april.

If they do, they are affected by that rank bonus, if they don’t they’re affected by all the other ones.
The issue CoF had was only with boss drops. Everything else was fine(ish). So if they’re considered a boss they had crap drops which is now fixed.
If they’re not considered a boss they had good drops already.

Why would you assume they simply replaced rank 10 with the new one? It’s most likely that they redid a bunch of them. For example, I would assume it was more likely that they removed rank 9, shuffled rank 10 into it and added the new one.


Nah, they are not affected, they drop 1 experimental item per kill. And to some players, these affixes are of tremendous importance.

I don’t assume that but it is a possibility. I just want to give proactive feedback before the CoF “buffs” end up being a factual nerf.

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That’s fair enough. But I will assume that they have taken all data into consideration and aren’t actually nerfing CoF but rather buffing them overall.
I’ll also assume MG is being reworked as well. Though I expect most of that will be UI changes, along with a gold sink, probably a tax.

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We all hope so but I at this point I don’t know EHG enough to make such assumptions. Some 20 years ago you could have blind faith in Blizzard, whereas now it’s rather the opposite. EHG is a new player and so far, LE is a great game. However that doesn’t mean they are immune to oversights or conscious mistakes.

That’s why I wanted to highlight the importance of the current ranik 10 bonus. We could adress drop rates in other ways, sure. But halving the amount of relevant drops I get would be pretty sad. I almost gave up multiple times already.

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That is a fair point. But so far they have listened to player feedback and taken that into account. And I’m including the EA times in this.
And they are aware that factions need reworking. Mike has said that in his streams.

Will it be better than before? I’m pretty certain it will.
Now, will the rework be enough to please everyone? I doubt that. It won’t make getting the BiS gear much easier than now.

We have not removed the old Rank 10 Reward, it now exists elsewhere in the reward tiers.


Awesome of you to clarify! :+1:

Is there a plan for experimental affixes in CoF? I went through my gloves yesterday and I have a single t7 low life affix. I have way more t7 Primalist affixes despite not playing the class at all.

Though I absolutely don’t mind getting them, I’d rather welcome an option to disable personalized loot at all to the effect of getting the same amount of class-specific loot for each class independent of the class I play.