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Primary Class : Wizard
The wizard is a spell-physical and void caster. Unlike his elemental cousin, the mage, he specializes in magic that is intended for physical spell damage.

Ability 1 : Magic Missile
Magic missiles is an ability that adds progressively more missiles, explosive missions, or other various alterations to the ability. Its intended to have massive burst damage, unlike its distant cousin frost bite.

Ability 2: Echo
Echo is an ability that can be updated for auto cast and enables the wizard and subclasses to mimic its most resent cast, allowing for a second, free cast of the ability casted. This ability provides other benefits, like an additional cast, more spell power and more.

Ability 3: Conjure Illusion
This ability is a more extensive version of mirror image on the mage. The wizard can swap places with these illusions. Generate more of them, and illusions also act as pets, gain benefits from minion damage and health and mimic the wizards spell casting.

Ability 4: Nullify
Nullify is an ability that enables the wizard to clear debuffs, prevent debuffs, and enable other means of avoiding things like stun. Nullify can be upgraded to auto-activate on things like stuns, damage over time effects, and even prevent instant death by 1 shot mechanics.

Ability 5: Mana shield
Mana shield is a new type of defensive. It can be upgraded to prevent stun while active, provide more mana and mana regeneration, act as a full damage absorb before hitting health (much like ward functionally does). Mana shield can also be changed to detonate portions of mana for large amounts of damage (depleting all or large portions of mana).

Mastery 1: Chronomancer
The chronomancer is a crowd control support class. Its intended as a class that has control over time. As such the chronomancer can do things like freeze enemies in time, slow enemies, speed up it and allies casting and attacks (by speeding up time) and even in its most powerful form reverse time and prevent death.

Ability 1: Chronoblast
Chronoblast is a very large single projectile that does insane damage. It can be changed to penetrate through mobs dealing large amounts of damage in a line, or be it can be changed to allow an explosion on collision with a mob.

Ability 2: Displacement
In effect, displacement is a teleport ability, however unlike teleport it has no cooldown. Instead, it consumes large amounts of mana. It can be changed to have 3 charges of teleport for less mana. Displacement can also do things like push enemies away or pull them to teleport locations.

Abilit 3: Slow Time
Slow Time summons a bubble at a target location slowing the movement of enemies at a fixed destination. It can be changed to stop time freezing enemies, speed up time providing more attack speed, movement speed or casting speed to yourself or allies. It can be upgraded to stick to the chronomancer as he moves providing those effects.

Ability 4: Rewind Time
Rewind time is probably the most powerful spell the chronomancer has. This spell is a defensive spell that enables the caster by default to reverse damage taken over the last 5 seconds (meaning if he takes a damage it can be activated to heal effectively). rewind time can be upgraded to auto activate, to prevent death, and to have a larger time it protects against damage.

Ability 5: Supernova
This is the chronomancers massive damage aoe. This spell summons a massive, extremely bright (and bloom filled) star. After a few seconds it detonates for massive damage and radius. This spell consumes all mana by default, and the more mana the caster has the more damage it does.

Mastery 2: Chloromancer
A chloromancer is caster class that specializes in poison damage (that can be upgraded to include necrotic) and healing. Functionally it generates stacks of a buff (on the buff bar). These stacks are used to either cause poison spores to spread, deal its damage, or they can be used for healing. Chloromancers heals for their damage over time effects having large native health pools and spell leech.

Ability 1: Poison Vine
Poison vine is a spell that sends vines around to deal poison damage. Vines can grow fungus and spores that enable the caster to deal more damage or generate seed stacks that enable blooming. Vines are a type of minion.

Ability 2: Entangle
This ability roots targets in place for 5 seconds by default. It can be upgraded to deal more damage, root more enemies and even stun.

Ability 3: Bloom
Bloom is a healing spell that enables the caster to cause spores to bloom flowers and healing magic. It can be upgraded to change healing from over time to instant burst healing. Bloom also increases the max health and mana of targets hit by it for 30 seconds which can be upgraded to 2 minutes.

Ability 4: Toxic Spores
Toxic spores are a more potent version of the spores that vines offer, providing significant poison and necrotic damage. Spores can be upgraded to spawn poison clouds which deal significant damage over time effects in small or larger area’s.

Ability 5: Vine Grip
Vine grip is a physical attack that can be converted to poison or necrotic by upgrades. by default vine grip pulls the caster to a target. It can be upgraded to pull the caster to a location, or to pull all targets in a forward arc to the caster.

*The nihilomancer is a wizard that specializes in the void. Summoning dark void circles at alocation and using them to move around or summon creatures from the void. Dark void circles can also be a means of travel for the caster. Dark void circles are a by product of casting void spells as. *

Ability 1: Void step
This special alternative dimension teleport enables the caster to travel through a void circle to another void circle. It can be upgraded to do things like remove the requirement of circles, detonate circles after using them and more.

Ability 2: Alternate dimension
This ability enables the nihilomancer to travel hidden in an alternative dimension, enabling free travel through the map for a period of time (default 3 seconds and the view/camera has a special animation). This can be upgraded to last longer and provide various benefits like movement speed and regeneration while in this state. Nihilomancers have a passive that enables them to stack damage bonus the longer they are in this state or reduce the cooldown duration to re-enter this state when leaving to the normal dimension.

Ability 3: Void Beam
Void beam is a powerful channeled ability that does massive damage. This ability can be upgraded to be casted in the void dimension, provide less mana cost a second and deal more damage. This ability consumes large amounts of mana by default. Can be upgraded to deal void damage over time effects.

Ability 4: summon shadows
Summon a massive shadow monster from a void circle. This can be upgraded to summon more, or even smaller friends to help you conquer your monoliths. these shadow monsters are minion based mobs.

Ability 5: Collapse/void nova
This enables the caster to consume void circles and deal massive nova’s. Unlike super nova’s, void nova’s are smaller but deal even more damage and apply void damage over time effects.

I hope you enjoy the concept. Let me know if you have questions or want to know more about the concepts. another class is finish and will be posted soon

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