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New Characters get deleted when i click leave game

Most of the time i try to make a new char it just desapears when i click leave game or exit game. If i delete a character previusly to making one it sometimes lets me create it and it saves. I tryed with steam cloud on and off and its the same thing, i just dont wanna put in the effort of making a char if its gonna get deleted anyways. Would be awsome if i could fix this but i have no idea and people on global chat told me to make a post so im here.

Thanks! (104.3 KB)

Hey, Welcome to the forums…

The player.log file shows that you have multiple corrupted savegames: CHARACTERSLOT_BETA_1 , CHARACTERSLOT_BETA_5.

The way that LE currently works is that if any savegame is corrupted, it prevents the saving of progress in ANY existing game and prevents the saving of a NEW save.

You need to remove the two corrupted files from the Saves folder while Steam & the game are NOT running.

You also need to disable steam cloud saves as the corrupted files are probably in the cloud and being resync’d every time you restart Steam cloud. If you want to use Steam Cloud, then you need to login to steam via a webbrowser (not the client) and remove the problem files from your Remote Storage in Steam cloud itself… If you do not do this, it will just keep syncing the corrupted files back to your machine and continue to cause problems. When you re-enable Steam Cloud after this you MUST tell it to copy local files as the latest… NOT cloud…

As to why the savegame files are corrupted - well, this is a beta and if the game crashed or didnt shutdown properly while it was trying to save a file, it may have caused a problem… Also, the savegames are just plain text files so if you attempted to edit them in any way, even innocently, something could have gone wrong… Sometimes, if Steam itself was interrupted trying to sync the savegames, there is a chance that a savegame could have not uploaded to the cloud correctly.

Once removing the corrupted files as I have suggested, you shouldnt have any further problems like this.

Please be sure to Verify the game files via Steam - just to make sure that your install is ok.

Additional note:

Regarding crashing… I see you are running:

vertical Sync = Off
LimitForegroundFPS = false
MaxForegroundFPS = 164

On a 1050 Ti, this will definitely be a cause of intermittent instability and considering you are already getting corrupted savegames I would recommend changing this.

If you do not limit the current iteration of LE, it will attempt to max out your GPU and when this is combined with increased load during the loading of new maps or situations where there are fps spikes (lots of mobs, minion, skill procs), then the game is likely to suffer some sort of instability. It may be recoverable, but considering your problems, its very likely that this could be what is corrupting your saves even if the game isnt totally crashing.

Enable the framerate limit, and set it to 60-75fps or whatever your monitor Hz is (provided its less than 100fps… A 1050 Ti may be able to handle 100 fps @1080p when the game isnt doing much, but it would not be able to sustain it and its not recommended rght now…

Perhaps the next patch the devs just did an update on (see dev blogs) will allow for more stability/performance but definitely not right now.

Ok will do, ty so much.

Yeah its weird coz im not crashing or anything just logging out but yea ill delete all the corrupted saves, ty man.

I think it was because of the game files being wrong, i updated the game the other day and my internet was working badly so maybe that caused the problem. I think the problem is solved now so thank you very much.


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