New Character 0.9.1 bricked after creation (quest skip)

newly created character starts at lvl 3 since it marks a bunch of story quests as complete as soon as you create the character.
From the moment of creation that character is bricked and unplayable, because no quest will appear in the quest log and you don’t get any map markers. Offline mode btw.

I was looking forward to testing out the new chapters, but apparently they weren’t tested.

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same problem : I made a new char to play new ch1, but stopped at first waypoint. Later I played with old character and got auto-complete for new low-level quests.
But then I launched the new char and also got auto-completion to quest for ch1 to ch3. Same for any new character.
So far I can’t play the new quests (the zones seems unlocked but i will not try hours of game to be sure I can move on, besides, the point was to try the new quests)

Same for me: Massive critical hotfix bug - starting area bugged - cannot play game! - #3 by Zaodon

same thing

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