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New additions+quality of life thoughts

Howdy everyone, just saw this game from a youtuber and got excited. It appeared to me as a good predecessor of diablo 2 instead of cartoon 3 we received. So naturally I bought the support package I however don’t have early access. So, I apologize in advance if any of the following suggestions are either; in-game in some form, planned on being added but I didn’t see them elsewhere on the forums, or blatantly speaking shitty ideas. Due to my lack of personally playing in-game experience (gotta wait till launch, so streams have been scratching the itch for now). I’ll make a new thread later with updated ideas when I have in-game experience to better mold them.

  1. Add circle visuals under elite/special mob at the base of the feet with color coding identifying damage type of minion as well as gives visual clarity at a glance of what they do (I mean aside from physical, such as they are a fire mage, it would be a red circle aura). Think sorta like diablo 2, where u would see a circle under an elite mob and know it has thorns or speed mods just by a glance of the art and color.

1b) The point of this aside from the obvious would be for things like hardcore characters usually getting 1 hit out of nowhere while a lot is going on, on screen, where I can see oh it was a void elite doing damage when I have none of the corresponding resistance. This idea would correspond or replace the purple light shining down on special mobs currently in game. Instead of dying to a horde on screen not knowing which elite was the culprit for my death. That was a huge issue for me at the start of Poe, when I was doing farm/rushing. Ofc in text box it could accomplish the same thing, saying the numbers, who did it, etc. but this to me would feel smoother and naturally would allow me to plan ahead if I see a elite that would merc me if I didn’t get that resistance, again I play hardcore and it’s just a quality of life thing mainly.

  1. Make equipped weapon’s elemental damage apply corresponding status effects, such as a sword of ice applies a chill effect which slows move speed, attack speed, or cast speed, or all of them (2h cleaving would be nice, chance from initial target to also apply the status but at reduced %chance, with a cap to how many can receive it). Bonus damage to chill targets from that dmg source via weapon or spell or perhaps minion too? Also, possibly make ice spells gain new functionality such as freeze (stun) or make it proc small AoE chill effects if target is chilled from any source before impact. For Example, Auto-attack with an ice wand on a mob to apply status then cast a spell of that element to gain bonus dmg or functionality. This could open up a new style of play where you weave attacks in-between spells as a caster+attacker hybrid. Maybe add a node where if you do a basic attack it empowers your next spell, also the next spell would empower the next basic attack with more damage to create a natural flow? Idk just spit balling.

2b) Along with this idea would be environment interaction such as cast oil on ground Auto attack a minion with fire wand or spell to apply fire, in which walking over will set status of oil to fire. Think divinity 2 interactions.
-PPS a cool thing would be launching a projectile and then firing another element or the same element at that projectile to create a new reaction aoe dmg on impact. Such as launch ice sphere (slow moving projectile which pierces and applies chill) and launch a ice spike at it which explodes the sphere and creates an ice nova on impact applying chill with a chance to freeze (stun) In a small small aoe circle on impact.

  • Personally, I love a 2h style in my arpg sessions. What would be amazing much like d3 is the ability to duel-wield 2h’s like the crusader. Ofc this is overpowered starting as a feature, so either a late game passive node for builds to really shine later or perhaps make twin unique 2hs where once one is equipped its brother may be enabled to be put in off-hand as a unique item ability or perhaps make it a shard able thing for multi-class benefit? Nice little flavor to that style. But I’m sure I’m in the minority of this playstyle. Will add more to this later, just early morning ideas going through my head!

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