Nerf the cold variant of shade of orobyss

Attacks can be high damage or they can be difficult to avoid. They shouldn’t be both.

I think the main problem with this guy is his ice comets that orbit him. Even when you get pretty good at avoiding them, they often force you into other attacks.

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I think I agree with this but I also wonder if it’s just a result of pushing into high corruption?
I enjoy the fight but at higher corruption, it seems it’s an EHP check on how much you can sustain yourself cause trying to avoid all of those attacks layered upon each other feels impossible without getting hit by something.

That might be the point of Orobyss, as opposed to a more mechanical fight like Lagon.

I find the main issue with cold Orobyss is the length of time the attacks persist. Often Orobyss will have 3 attacks happening simultaneously (Orbiting Meteor, asboring comet, black hole mines) which leads to the issue of visual clarity.

Shade of Orobyss is the gatekeeper for corruption by design, for sure. I don’t think it’s intentional that the cold variant is so much harder than the others, though.

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Pretty much this.

After pushing my char to 1k+ corruption I can tell that the ice version is not well balanced compared to the other versions.

The ice comets makes the fight so much harder
At one point the player just skip this Orobyss and look for the next one.

We are not trying to make progression easier.
Just that it would make more sense if this ice version could bring a similar level of difficult as the other versions.